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Thursday, 4 May 2017


Both Candidates in the ultimate face to face Debate last night, presented half-baked programs of what they "could" do, but not what they "will" do !

Likewise there were no hard cost figures nor any clear indications of how their programs will be financed.  Will it be with more National Debt or higher taxes ?  Who will have to pay ?

Emmanuel Macron throughout his campaign has lectured his audiences with all the best principles needed to solve French problems.   This makes people dream, but what he preaches is not a promise of what he "will" do as the President !

Marine Le Pen severely attacked Macron because he was Hollande's Adviser and Minister of the Economy during his disasterous 5 years as President.  She is not alone and many electors hesitate to vote for Macron fearing he might repeat more of the same pain !

Macron counterattacked Marine Le Pen over her original intention, now half abandoned, to leave the Euro and the Eurozone and to adopt a New FRANC.  Holding a Referendum and devaluing the New FRANC to help Exports is difficult to justify and could be very costly ! 

However, Le Pen is a Member of the EU Parliament and she realises, quite rightly, that the EU must change to survive.  Macron is a convinced Europhile who thinks France needs the EU !               

As an observer one can regret that some problems were not covered or sufficiently aired.  Neither candidate  proposed acceptable plans to correct the limping French system of justice because of its overcrowded Prisons !  More planned Security against future I S Terrorist Attacks was also too quickly discussed.
The general opinion seems to be that Macron remains the firm favourite to win the Presidential Election on Sunday.  BUT, undecided floating voters could still make this a closer than expected Election !