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Wednesday, 17 May 2017


The shockwaves after the unexpected election of Macron as the new President of France have not abated. 

To imagine that in April last year he started his Political Party "En Marche" from scratch, then resigned as Minister of the Economy in August,  to then launch his Campagne and finally become the next President of France, is astounding ! 

The disasterous term in office of François Hollande finally destroyed his Socialist Party and even its Coalition.  But, Macron still has other other objectives to attain.

He must and is, forming a "temporary" Government at a time when his own new Party does not yet have any MPs.   And, by nominating a Prime Minister from the Right, he has now also destabilised the Republican Party. 

All Parties are now selecting their Candidates for the  General Election which officially starts on Monday, May 22, 2017.  The deadline for registering a Candidature is Friday, May 19.   Only then will we learn how many have finally opted to stand for another Party.

No one knows what the Result of the Election on June 18 could be !   The "temporary" Government will probably have to be modified.   Will there be a "hung" National Assembly ?   Or could an acceptable Coalition be a quick but evident solution ?