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Saturday, 20 May 2017


Bombshell upsets culminated in the recent election of President Macron, but others will now also have a profound impact on the General Election campaign of the 577 MPs for the National Assembly.   This officially starts on Monday May 22, 2017.  

Any serious predictions of who will win are not really possible for several reasons :

  -   Macron has created a new Party which will contest  526 of the seats .

  -   Any Candidate must renounce his function of Mayor if he is elected as an MP: more than 200 former sitting MPs have decided not to stand for re-election in June this time : some have retired but some prefer to remain the Mayor of their town.
  -   The disasterous 5 year Presidency of Hollande has created serious splits and destroyed the Socialist Party.

  -   The Republican Party on the Right has also suffered after a few MPs joined Macron's "En Marche" Party. 

Also, there is the fact that every Party since 1988, which presents at least 50 candidates, can obtain Financial aid to cover operating costs, of 1,42 euros for each vote obtained in the General Election during 5 years, even if no one is finally elected.  That also explains the numerous candidates standing in this election. 

The general impression today is that no one party alone could obtain a majority.   That means there could be a "Hung Parliament" !