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Saturday, 27 May 2017


After the many scandals in French political life, not to speak of those which were never discovered, President Macron wants to tighten the lax rules, to prevent repetitions in the future.

This is admirable and generally speaking everyone, particularly Electors, will salute his efforts.

However, one proposition is to limit MPs to three mandates !  Normally a mandate is for 5 years, but it could be shorter.  Even 15 years is a short professional life.

Some MPs devote their whole lives, 40 years, to politics.  But, to limit the age of candidates to stand for election would seem correct !  

Is it not later in political life that MPs possess the experience to avoid pitfalls for their countries ?  Limiting their longevity as MPs could be a costly mistake !

Finally, is it not the right of Electors to decide who they want or not want, as their MP ?