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Monday, 1 May 2017


The German Parliament has adopted a Law which partially bans wearing a Burka in certain places "wherever it is legally possible" to "protect Germany's dominant culture" !   

This limited ban therefore applies to "Civil Servants, Judges and the Military" !

Such a partial ban seems to be misguided,  particularly after the Terrorist Attacks which recently started in Germany, but which have been frequent in other EU countries for the last 5 years !

Are Merkel, de Maizière and German MPs totally unaware of the War the Islamic State is fighting world-wide against non-Muslim countries and against EU countries, with Terrorist Attacks ?

Why does the German Parliament not pass a Law which bans wearing the Burka or any other garments, in public places if they prevent the facial identification of any Man, Woman or child ?

Would that be "impossible legally" anywhere in the EU ? Would that not be an efficient way to protect the German "dominant culture" while also ensuring better security for all people living in Germany ?