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Tuesday, 16 May 2017


Merkel and Macron want to change the EU, which is encouraging, but What, When and How, are real questions for which EU citizens still need answers ! 

There are several EUs :
  -   The Eurozone countries and the others,  
  -   The large Eurozone countries which govern and the other smaller countries !
  -   The non-Eurozone countries, without Britain, which are mainly small and only have a minority vote in the EU !

Just what Merkel and Macron really want to change  remains to be explained and that will probably be delayed until after the General Elections in June in France and in September 2017 in Germany !

The main points, which need urgent attention, are well known : 

  -   Secure Border Controls, throughout the EU, for goods and people, by all countries.
  -   A clearly defined EU-wide Immigration Policy.
  -   An EU Defence Policy against Terrorist Aggression.
  -   A revision of now outdated Principles in EU Treaties.

Obvously there are many other points, but a real basic question which needs to be considered is : "Must there always be UNANIMITY" for all EU decisions ?