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Thursday, 18 May 2017


The next world crisis could be provoked by the lack of the electricity required for "electric cars". 

The knock-on effects would be that less petrol will be needed for less petrol cars.  Also electric vehicules with simpler engines would be easier to service.  

This means that Petrol production will necessarily fall,  like the number of garages required to service cars.

Are Political Leaders prepared for the next "World Crisis" which they and their country can expect ?   Does the "motor industry" world-wide not make an important contribution to tax revenues ?   What could be taxed instead ?

Have any politicians budgeted for the  investments needed in the near future, to increase electricity production ?   More Power Stations with increased capacity will be required.  Or do they just hope that those needs could be "imported" ? 

Such a crisis would also have a direct effect on  "unemployment" and social costs .

One must not ignore that the Continent of Africa and other less developed countries, will also  require huge increases of electricity just to satisfy their growing basic needs.
This is the future of our World and Planet !