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Thursday, 25 May 2017


Is the visit to Europe of the US President Trump, just after the Muslim Terrorist attack in Manchester, not the perfect occasion to discuss a realistic Plan of Attack, or Plan of Defence, on an international basis to counter World-wide Terrorism ?

Just talking, without realistic action afterwards, has never solved anything ! 

To be blunt, the problem the World faces is "Terrorist Attacks" which  destroy the Human Rights of innocent Citizens, their right to live ! 

The problem is NOT at all to ensure the Human Rights of Terrorists, whether they have killed or were only at the planning stage, to kill haphazardly !

When Terrorists are caught, should they not be locked-up in a secure, specialised Prison without any possible contact with other types of inmate ?   Reports exist of Muslim Terrorists who while in prison, have converted gullible inmates to their cause !

The next obstacle then becomes the lack of prison space to house "terrorists" apart from other inmates !  To solve this URGENT problem, should countries not relocate all the petty criminals from just one Prison, which could then be destined temporarily to house only Terrorists !

Too much "Soft Justice" is already dispensed in some countries just to prevent overcrowded prisons !  The only way to avoid overcrowding and to safeguard the rights of Electors, would seem to be for Politicians to order more prisons to be built !