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Thursday, 1 June 2017


It is now clear for everyone in France, that 39 year old Emmanuel Macron, who was unexpectedly elected as the President of France on May 7, is a man with a mission !

To form a Government before the General Election Macron has plundered chosen  personalities from the Socialists, the Centre and right Parties : the Prime Minister, Edouard Philippe comes from "The Republican" Party on the right !   

But, the new young President needs the support of MPs in the National Assembly (General Election votes are on 11th and 18th June).  Ideally he really wants a majority for the Party he has created, "La Republique en Marche".

Most of the candidates chosen to stand for his party are not from the political world.   At first no one thought that any of the "first time" candidates,  who had never stood in an election before, had the slightest chance to win and become an MP.  This initial reaction is now changing ; electors are listening and slowly  warming to Macron's ideas.

Since his election, Macron has also carefully chosen and organised his appearances on television.  He has been seen only with top personalities like Merkel from the EU, Putin from Russia and Trump from the USA !   A way to ensure his "jupitarian presidency "....

After the disasterous 5 years of Socialist Governmental Rule, directed by President Hollande, changes for a better future are welcome.