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Wednesday, 7 June 2017


After the Presidential Election, it was clear that Electors wanted a change of Political actors.   However the possibility of the election of a Hung Parliament was a fair bet !

This was before the onset of Macron-mania ! The strong  handshake with Donald Trump had been widely publicised and seemed to have impressed everybody in France.

The "Republic En Marche" party founded by Macron, is now expected to obtain a commanding majority in the next National Assembly.  The voting will be on June 11 and 18.

This was supported by the unexpected publication last Sunday, of the results of the 11 seats for French Nationals living overseas.   In 10 of the seats the "En Marche" Party was leading.  Normally such results are only made known after Electors in France have Voted, to prevent them being influenced. 

Should such interference not be sanctioned ?