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Wednesday, 21 June 2017


The short statement below shows the impact of the 2017 "Macron Tsunami" on other Party MPs in the French Parliamentary Assembly :

                                                        2012        2017

       Socialist Party                           258           30
       National Front Party                     2             8
       Communist Party                        11           10
       Unsubdued Party                        11            17
       The Republicans                       193          130

       Macron "en marche" Party           0          308
       MoDem Party                                 2            42

       Sundry others                            100            32
                                                          ____          ____
           Total number of MPs             577           577

In just over one year Macron, who had been the Adviser of President Hollande, founded his Party, was elected   President of France and then his Party alone obtained a Majority in the National Assembly !

One says that success breeds success !  This is clearly what happened here, as the Statement above reveals, but it also resulted in the destruction of the two former traditional Parties which had taken turns in Governing France, since the creation of the 5th Republic by De Gaule in 1958 !

Electors had heard all the reasons why taxes were escalating and costs were rising, but after the desasterous Presidency of Hollande French Electors all wanted a complete change !   Macron promised he would change France ! 

When he became the new President, Macron promised Equality of the Sexes in politics and a new Moral Code in politics .  In his new "en Marche" Party there were more than 200 neophyte Candidates !   Voters flocked to back his party !

This is only a part of the Macron Tsunami effect and it has not yet ended.   

Even today, the third day after the General Election, four Ministers have either resigned or not been retained in the Government due to the new Moral Code.  

We must patiently wait to see what happens next !