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Sunday, 25 June 2017


Although Russia elects its President and DUMA MPs, it is a Totalitarian Country.   The  Constitution ensures that the President can nominate 50% of the MPs ! 

Next year in March, the Presidential Election will take place and it seems that Putin already has fears that an "opposition" Candidate could stand against him. 

In particular, one such Candidate could be Alexei Navalny, a lawyer who is a well known anti-corruption leader.  He and his brother, have  already been imprisoned and he was again arrested recently, because he "caused disturbances" while addressing supporters !

Putin is a very rich man according to the Forbes List estimations (70 billion Dollars), which is not bad for a Politician !   This riles Navalny and all his supporters.

It is quite clear Navalny still runs the risk of more "punishment" on trumped-up charges to prevent him standing as a candidate for the Presidency in March.

Earlier this month, June 2017, film of violent Police repression of Navalny supporters could be seen on the Internet.  Last year reports indicated that there were revolts in 80 Russian Cities.  This number must now be nearer 160 !

Also, if ever Navalny is prevented from standing as a candidate against Putin, certainly numerous other city leaders could replace him !

But is Putin hesitating ?   He has not yet said he intends to stand !  In fact, can he really be sure to win ?