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Tuesday, 6 June 2017


When Terrorists suddenly strike and kill innocent civilians , the Elected Leaders of European countries are all utterly confused, at a total loss, about what should be done, or could be done to ensure more security. 

This is in spite of the fact that many of the Leaders were formerly Ministers (of Justice, of the Interior, of Defence....) but even so, when attrocities occur in their own Country, they do nothing new which could perhaps avert another Terrorist attack !  No one leads the way !

Before attacking, all Terrorists plan;  they also receive help and advice as well as arms and explosives !  Some now just use knives or drive a car to kill !   If Terrorists survive their attacks, they always know where they can safely hide afterwards.

The Laws of most Western Countries punish those who "aid and abet others to commit a crime" !   So why are so few of such criminals punished ?  Why is the punishment not doubled in the case of Terrorists ?

WHY is there no Law which would punish friends or neighbours of Terrorists who DO NOT inform the Police of their "doubts", when they "know"  full well, something is being planned ? 

How is it possible that the Police, in France as well as in Britain, "so often state" that a terrorist was "known" to them, was on their files as a suspect and has now become responsible for the latest attrocity ?  Something  must be wrong in the Police Organisation if so many suspects have been left free to kill !

The day when Western Leaders accept that Extremist Muslims are leading a Total War effort against all "non believers", will they adopt  retaliatory mesures to fight back and thereby really protect their innocent civilians,  electors and taxpayers ? 

One can only hope that will be the case !