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Thursday, 6 July 2017


After its disappointing 2017 Presidential and General Election results, it would appear that the National Front (F N) could now abandon its fundamental Election Promise, to do a "FREXIT" !   At the time, this meant that France would "exit" the Eurozone and would then adopt a new French Franc as its currency, to ensure a more prosperous, economic future for France !

Neither Marine Le Pen nor Florian Philippot the vice President of FN, were capable of explaining the technical means to Electors of how France could leave the EU and successfully adopt the Franc !   Likewise the "Cost" of the operation of leaving the EU, was never explained either !

As early as January 6, 2017, the first of three articles in this Blog (1) forewarned FN leaders what to expect, if Electors were not informed how leaving the EU would be satisfactorily achieved !

During the "Inquest" by FN of what went wrong in the Elections, several other points will be raised but the FREXIT disaster should not be ignored !

(1)  - "FN must explain any "Frexit" hopes !", dated 6/1/2017.
      - "France : National Front (FN) makes 144 "Promises", dated 12/2/2017.
      - "Could France leave the EUROZONE ?", dated 3/5/2017.