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Friday, 11 August 2017


In the 5 000 meters semi-final the two Ethiopian competitors ran as a team.   It was quite clear their aim was to prevent Mo Farah from winning the race, but he managed to slip through and was second.

Farah will have noted that the other semi-final was again won by an Ethiopian.   This means  there will be a team of 3 Ethiopians to "look after" Farah in the Final on Saturday, 12th August !   The aim will again be to prevent Farah from getting to the front of the race, either by boxing him in on the inside lane, or by making it hard for him to overtake them on the outside ! 

Farah has the experience and the physical strength to win through but, are there any rules to prevent or discourage "unsportman like" behaviour ?   How many times this week have we seen "accidents" resulting in athletes being tripped-up or knocked-over, or even being spiked ?