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Wednesday, 30 September 2009


In most of the discussions about migrants and immigrants, it is difficult to understand whether legal or illegal, migrants or immigrants, are the subject of the discussion.

What is a migrant ? It is a person who has the right to enter another country because he has the legal right to do so. He has obtained the right to immigrate, i.e. to settle in a given country, to work and live there and to pay his taxes there ! He has made an application to immigrate and has been accepted. He is not a tourist or short term visitor.

If a tourist has overstayed his permitted visit, or if a migrant has not made a prior request to immigrate, or if the request has been refused, he can only be described as being an illegal immigrant.

To be very precise: if there are foreigners in the Calais area without paperwork which permits them to stay in France or to travel on to Britain, they should be apprehended !!! They should have been refused entry into France at their first attempt to enter the country.

The Mayor of Calais, Natacha Bouchard, should protect the citizens of Calais. Leaving illegal immigrants to roam around in the Calais area is dangerous. To survive they will turn to crime as they have already done in the past.

Nicolas Sarkozy closed Sangatte but that did not solve the problem. Now Eric Besson, the Immigration Minister, has tried by announcing he would close the "Jungle". When he got there most of the illegal immigrants had hidden elsewhere !!! The longer this story goes on the more it looks like a Punch and Judy show !!! Eric Besson needs to have a second look at this problem and finish the job. This is not the job for the Mayor of Calais.

What is the solution ? France should expel illegal immigrants. Britain should stop all and any social help or aid to illegal immigrants. And the answer to the next question ? The human rights of French and British citizens should be upheld !!!

Tuesday, 29 September 2009


Pendant plus de 30 ans,Polanski s'est volontairement soustrait à la justice des Etats Unis alors qu'il était impliqué dans une affaire de moeurs avec une enfant de 13 ans.N'est ce pas là le vrai scandale?
Pourquoi le fait d'être un réalisateur de grand talent serait il de nature à le mettre au-dessus de la loi?
Pourquoi monsieur Mitterand ,ministre français de la culture , déclare- t-il avoir peur d'une Amérique dont la justice s'exerce indépendamment de toutes pressions politiques ou autres?


For more than 30 years Roman Polanski has been on the run from justice: he had been accused of having sexual relations with a 13 year old girl. Those are the basic facts of this scandal.

If we want to maintain the basic principles of the legal system, criminals must be brought to justice. No one is above the law !!! Is it wrong to want to protect our children and grandchildren from perverts ?

I cannot understand how celebrities and politicians can jump to Polanski's defence !!! They are a poor example to the public in general. They are in fact trying to pervert the course of justice.

Monday, 21 September 2009



En 2002 Nicolas Sarkozy, Ministre de l'Interieur à l'époque, avait ordonné la fermeture de Sangatte. La semaine dernière, Eric Besson, l'actuel Ministre de l'Immigration a annoncé que cette semaine il allait fermer la "jungle" à Calais avec l'aide de bulldozers. Bien entendu, prévenus, de nombreux immigrants illégaux venus dans l'UE ont déjà quitté la "jungle" afin de se cacher ailleurs dans la campagne au nord de la France mais à proximité de Calais.
M. Barroso, recemment réélu President de la Commission Européenne, a déclaré, avec le soutien du français Jacques Barrot, le Vice Président de la Commission Européenne, qu'il est en faveur d'une politique selon laquelle les immigrants arrivant dans l'Union Européenne seraient reparties dans tous les pays de l'UE. La base du calcul serait le ratio de la population d'un pays par rapport au total de la population en Europe
Les résidents de Calais ont une très grande expérience des immigrés !!! En somme, tant que les immigrés ne sont pas empêchés d'entrer dans l'UE, les problèmes persisteront.
D'experience nous savons tous comment protéger nos droits et nos biens. C'est un principe fondamentale de la vie. Chaque proprietaire ou locataire comprend que, pour se protéger et pour protéger sa famille, il doit verrouiller ses portes et fermer ses fenêtres.
Pendant des siècles ce principe a été observé par tous les pays du monde afin de sauvegarder ses frontières. Il faut maintenant rappeler ce principe à tous les politiciens de l'UE afin d'assurer la sécurité de l'UE et de ses citoyens.
Lorsque ses frontières auront été sécurisées, l'Union Européenne sera en mesure de choisir et d'appliquer sa politique en matière d'immigration. Pas avant.


In 2002 Nicolas Sarkosy, the then Minister of the Interior, ordered the closure of Sangatte. Last week Eric Besson, the current Minister for Immigration, announced that this week he would close the "Jungle" at Calais by razing it to the ground with the use of bulldozers. Needless to say, forewarned, many illegal immigrants into the EU have already left the "Jungle" near Calais to go into hiding elsewhere in the north of France in the surrounding countrysides.

Mr. Barroso, the newly re-appointed President of the European Commission, with the help of Jacques Barrot, the French Vice-President of the commission, has declared that he is in favour of a policy whereby immigrants into the EU are lodged in all EU member countries based on the ratio of the population of member states.

The residents in Calais have a vast experience of immigrants !!! As long as illegal immigrants are not stopped from entering the EU, these same problems will persist.

In fact, we all have a long standing experience of what to do to protect our rights and possessions. It is one of the basic principles of life. Every householder understands, that to protect himself and his family he must lock the front door and the back door, and in certain cases close the windows as well. If he does not do so, unwanted intruders and criminals will take advantage of the situation !!!

For centuries this same principle has been applied by every country in the world with respect to its frontiers. Now this same principle must be adopted and observed by all EU politicians to ensure the security of the European Union and its citizens.

When the frontiers are secure we would be in a position to be able to choose the immigration policies which the electorate of the EU would find acceptable.

This article will be translated into French and published later.

Sunday, 13 September 2009


Early September 2009 Jacques Barrot, Vice-President of the European Commission, proposed the creation of a single Immigration and Asylum Policy in the European Union.

Now, less than two weeks later, the President of the European Commission, José Manuel Barroso, wants all member states in the European Union to accept refugees and thus share the burden which is at present borne mainly by the southern European members of the Union. Mr. Barroso wants to introduce such measures if he is reelected next week as President.

Britain would have to accept 13% of the immigrants based on its population !!! If the surface of each country in the EU was used as the basis this would be more favourable from a British point of view. However immigrants, once they have been accepted into the EU, once they have the right to live in the EU, will migrate to find their Utopia. Could Britain then apply a selective immigration policicy ?

There comes a time when British politicians, and I do not only mean the MEP's, must make themselves heard. They must vigorously defend the rights and needs of people who live in the UK !!! Those politicians who have been elected must work for the British electorate. Alas, there are many unelected politicians with important jobs in Europe who escape the scrutiny of an election.

On Septmber 3, 2009 I commented in this Blog on the EU Resettlement Program, proposed by Jacques Barrot. That was a smaller program than that now proposed by José Manuel Barroso.

I repeat what I then wrote. We in the EU need to secure the frontiers of our EU to prevent illegal immigrants entering the EU. "Inviting" immigrants is not the way to stop them. It only encourages more to come and try their luck !!!

Britain cannot afford the cost of more immigrants. Britain is already bankrupt and living standards are falling daily. Comments like this can be found in almost every newspaper every day. I therefore appeal to our elected politicians to do all they can to stop the immigrants. At least give a chance to the workless already in Britain.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009


The questions about Lockerbiegate go on and on, in Scotland as well as in Westminster, and now in Libya as well. Who is responsible for what ? All defensive explanations start with: "I did not ......" The hallowed, basic principle, which is enshrined in law, in life in general, in daily business life, and in political life as well, is generally summarised as follows:

"Delegation is not abdication"

Managing Directors in business companies, even Owners of football clubs, Prime Ministers, all those who delegate their responsibilities to others in their chain of responsibility, cannot in doing this, escape the initial responsibility for which they were appointed originally. They are held to be responsible in law and are judged on the final outcome of events. He who delegates can sack traitors or those who act beyond the limits of what they were delegated to do, but he cannot escape from the ultimate responsibilities inherent in the position he holds.

Saif al-Islam, the son of Colonel Gaddafi, stated clearly in an interview on television that Gordon Brown took no part in the discussions concerning the early release of al-Megrahi, adding that these negotiations were undertaken at a lower diplomatic level.

The PanAm crash at Lockerbie happened in 1988. Tony Blair became Prime Minister in 1997, and Gordon Brown became Prime Minister after the resignation of Tony Blair on June 27, 2007. This problem has been simmering for more than twenty years. Tony Blair visited Libya a few times, but has Gordon Brown ever made a visit ? Taking on a problem like this after so long is not easy.

Monday, 7 September 2009


I think John Riley, the head of Sky news, is a little naive if he really expects Gordon Brown to accept his invitation, to participate in a televised "Leaders' Debate" with David Cameron and Nick Clegg.

In the current circumstances it's like giving Gordon Brown the choice of either sitting down in a lions' cage, or to put his head on a chopping block for it to be axed. Gordon Brown rightly ignores the invitation.

Good political fights on television are always serious, but good fun for the viewers. So why not therefore, organise a debate with aspiring second string politicians who would not normally get such a chance ? They would not want to resist such an invitation !!!

Sunday, 6 September 2009


I repeat, word for word, the last paragraph of the article I published in my Blog last Wednesday, September 2, 2009 ;

"Secondly it appears that al-Megrahi is dying of cancer. Was he not treated while he was in prison in Scotland ? Were the doctors not aware of his terminal condition ? What does the report of all the doctors say ? Were they all in agreement that he was terminally ill ? He looked resplendant when he arrived in Tripoli, but now we see pictures of him under an oxygen mask!!! That's strange, even curious. "

Today the Sunday Telegraph reveals that two UK doctors, and a third doctor who was Libyan, examined al-Megrahi and came to the conclusion that he had only three months to live !!! The two UK doctors were paid by Libya !!!

The two expert UK doctors were Professor Karol Sikora and Professor Jonathan Waxman, but they were probably not the only doctors who knew the details of al-Megrahi's health. After all, he had been in prison for a number of years.

The mental climate of the politicians involved in this whole saga is clear for all to see. Everyone is scared and nobody wants to be identified as having taken part in the decision to liberate al-Megrahi.

What can be done ? It is for disciplinary panels of the medical profession to decide whether their profession has been brought into disrepute by any of the doctors who have treated al-Megrahi. With respect to all the politicians involved in LOCKERBIEGATE, the electorate will have their chance to sanction them in the not too distant future.

Saturday, 5 September 2009

LOCKERBIEGATE : Finally the truth ?

Finally it has been admitted that there were other reasons than "compassionate grounds" for the early release of al-Mehari from his prison sentence of 27 years. The admission that there were in fact "important trade considerations", was wholly expected by the public but had been kept secret by the politicians.

Gordon Brown, however he would want to apportion the blame for what has become the Lockerbiegate crisis, cannot escape the fact that he was responsible for UK Foreign Affairs, even more so than the Ministers he appointed. However, he can justly curse the poisoned chalice he inherited from Tony Blair who visited Libya more than just once.

Everyone involved in the intrigue, politicians and counsellors, in England and in Scotland, has lost face. How can anyone plead ignorance of what was going on, when so many people were involved ?

Lockerbiegate will have many consequences. The in-fighting among Labour politicians for the Leadership has already begun, even though Gordon Brown has not yet resigned. Lord Mandelson, who has been relatively invisible in recent weeks, may well have a swaying effect during the coming days. The Labour Party Conference in Brighton on September, 27 to October 1, 2009 promises to be a lively affair.

Friday, 4 September 2009


Gordon Brown's speech on Friday, 4th September 2009, was long and covered everything, but it did not convince me. It has already been a long war and it will not be over in the foreseeable future.

Early August 2009, General Sir Richard Dannat in a radio interview, revealed he had a "shopping list" for Gordon Brown. He wanted, amongst other things, more helicopters, extra troops and spy-in-the-sky surveillance drones for the war in Afghanistan.

Would it not be possible for a journalist to interview Sir Richard Dannat (now retired), who has "lived" the Afghan war, to hear what he thinks of Gordon Brown's long report. He could also reveal whether his "shopping list" has been or will be delivered !!!

Thursday, 3 September 2009


The aim of the EU Resettlement Programme is to establish a single Immigration and Asylum Policy in the EU. This project is being launched by the European Commission vice-President Jacques Barrot.

Britain must make itself heard in Europe on this question. Britain has moral and legal obligations with respect to the members of the Commonwealth to consider, before undertaking new obligations to resettle refugies from unknown origins. Furthermore, France and Britain already have an enormous problem concerning illegal immigrants who try to cross the Channel between Calais and Dover. See the article in this Blog entitled "No Sangatte, just more illegal immigrants".

It seems to me that once again the EU is embarking on a project before the EU is in a position to capably control what it wants to undertake and achieve.

The first step, in my opinion, must be to secure the frontiers of the entire EU. This must be strictly supervised by the EU and should be paid for by all countries, including countries which do not have any borders with non EU countries. This is by far the biggest problem, which France and the UK experience daily. Illegal immigrants continually converge on Calais with the hope that they can hide on vehicules and reach Dover.

Secondly, another important objective must be that every citizen rightfully living in the EU must have an official EU identity card. Many countries in the EU already have national identity cards, but some like the UK, do not ! Without EU identity cards efficient controls would not be possible.

It goes without saying that there are a multitude of other considerations necessary to achieve security in the EU, not least of all, centralised computers. The EU has grown enormously in recent years and I think we must consolidate what has already been undertaken, before we embark on new projects like this one.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009


The damage limitation exercise has begun with the pubnlishing of "all relevant" correspondence by Downing Street and the Scottish Government. It reveals, so far, that finally everyone was pleased to see al-Mehari sent back to Libya "on compassionate grounds".

It does not appear that Gordon Brown, Prime Minister of England and in charge of foreign affairs in the UK, could not prevent the return of al-Mehari. The Scottish First Minister, Alex Salmond, was initially against the release of al-Mehari, but finally authorised the repatriation to Libya on "compassionate grounds". He bravely overlooked the feelings of the electorate of Lockerbie.

Gordon Brown has a lot to answer for, not only in the UK but also in the USA. I am sure that President Obama will make his feelings known in due course. There are still many unanswered questions in this saga.

In earlier articles in this Blog, I have expressed my feelings about terrorists who have unashamedly killed innocent victims. Have they not forfeited their Human Rights ? They have ended the Human Rights of their victims !!! The existence of the Death Penalty for terrorists would perhaps deter some potential terrorists. Albeit.

However, there are two key questions which require answers. Firstly, seven years after his conviction, al-Mehari had an appeal against his convction pending. This seems a long time. Why was the appeal not heard earlier ? Was he perhaps innocent ?

Secondly, it appears that al-Mehari is dying of cancer. Was he not treated while he was in prison in Scotland ? Were the doctors not aware of his terminal condition ? What does the report of all the doctors say ? Were they all in agreement that he was terminally ill ? He looked resplendant when he arrived in Tripoli, but now we see pictures of him under an oxygen mask !!! That's strange, even curious.

I am sure that tomorrow we will have another dose of explanations in this saga.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009


Late yesterday afternoon, it was announced that the UK Government would, in the evening, publish "all relevant" correspondence with the Scottish Government, concerning the release of al-Megrahi, the Lockerbie Bomber. This intention was then postponed until today. Not to be outdone, the Scottish Government made a similar promise to publish correspondence with Westminster.

Today, Tuesday, the 1st September 2009, newspapers are full of speculation, concerning little known events which are, it seems, linked to the Lockerby Bombing, including assassination attempts, trade links.......

The Lockerbiegate plot thickens by the hour. However, it is sure that the more "all relevant" correspondence that is published, the more questions will be asked. In other words, the least said the better, - for those involved !!! But all that is now already too late. Westminster will publish, the Scots will publish and Tripoli will certainly help out to clarify matters by supplying any missing details !!!

The fact that MP's are still on holiday is almost a guaranty that this whole question will carry on for a few weeks yet. In comparison, the Watergate Saga was quite simple.