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Monday, 28 February 2011


FIFA and SEPP BLATTER have other critical preoccupations at present, just like MICHEL PLATINI, the current President of EUFA. Will the re-election of Sepp Blatter be a formality or will others intervene, like, for example, BIN HAMMAM ?

What this also really insinuates is that they are not necessarily focussed on the mundane incidents or problems which erupted yesterday when Wayne Rooney of Manchester United was not sent off while playing against Wigan !!! Was that right ? No one knows for certain !!!

The British press is clear about one thing; the referee must look at the video of the incident when Rooney threw his arm into the face of James McCarthy and cover this point in his report to the English F A (Football Association). The F A will decide, but probably without outside interference !!!

Because SEPP BLATTER, who does not want Video Technology to help referees, like in rugby or tennis and MICHEL PLATINI who only wants "goaline technology", FIFA has become a real tragedy !!!

Neither Blatter nor Platini have any real practical experience of what refereeing matches is about !!! Above all, for example, when 50 000 spectators erupt and want to strangle the referee because he missed something !!!

Blatter and Platini only ever blow a whistle when they are far away from spectators and comfortably installed in their offices !!!

Will an unexpected candidate be elected
as the next President ?

Saturday, 26 February 2011


After three important arabian countries have faced upheavels, at last there is a reaction from U N O (United Nations Organisation). This reaction is very late !!! What has held them back until now ?

The infringements of human rights has been going on for more than twenty years, yet only now is there an intention to punish LIBYA !!!

Will any member of the UNO lift a finger to help anyone in LIBYA ? The same question applies to what has happened in TUNISIA and EGYPT !!!

When last did U N O act immediately, lead by example, to warn tyrants to be careful ? When ?


Les automobilistes qui stationnent sur des emplacements non autorisés sont à juste titre sanctionnés et leur véhicule souvent envoyés à la fourrière.

Cependant, qu'en est il des motos qui envahissent par milliers non seulement les rues de Paris mais également les trottoirs? Difficile pour les piétons de se frayer un passage sur les trottoirs au milieu de dizaines d'imposantes motos !!!

Les propriétaires de ces motos sont ils sanctionnés? Personnellement, je n'ai jamais vu de contractuelles s'occuper de motos mal garées...

Qu'attend le Maire de Paris pour faire libérer les trottoirs et les rendre aux piétons?

Friday, 25 February 2011


From newspaper reports it appears that the bank accounts of Moubarak and Khadafi in Switzerland have been blocked. Bravo, because everyone knows that these accounts were funded by thefts !!!

My training leads me to ask "Who will monitor any mouvements in these accounts from now on until their ultimate liquidation ?

The basic principle is that the money in these accounts must be remunerated with normal rates of interest !!! Any bank charges must be justified !!!

An independant, international organisation must be made responsible and this independant international organization should, of course, regularly make public reports (at least each year), to inform the world and the citizens of the countries plundered, what has happened to the Bank Assets seized in Switzerland and elsewhere.

The remarks of David Cameron on this subject must be applauded, but the details of the monitoring of assets seized in Switzerland must not be neglected .

Wednesday, 23 February 2011


Dominique Strauss Kahn a pris ses fonctions de directeur du FMI le 1er novembre 2007 pour un mandat de 5 ans expirant donc normalement le 1er novembre 2012.

S' il devait abréger son mandat pour être candidat à l' élection présidentielle française, on ne manquerait pas de relever sa désinvolture et son manque d'égard vis à vis de sa fonction actuelle.

Quel crédit, quelle confiance accorder à un homme qui se soustrait à la mission internationale qu'il a accepté afin de satisfaire une autre ambition politique personnelle !

Depuis 1946, seuls deux directeurs du FMI, Rodrigo Rato et Horst Köhler ont mis fin prématurément à leur mandat, le premier pour des raisons personnelles et familiales, le second en mars 2004 pour devenir en mai 2004 président fédéral de l' Allemagne...

Sunday, 20 February 2011


Politicians are often politically correct by only paying lip-service, but do they do anything to criticise the leaders of countries where democracy is just an inconvenient theory and where Human Rights are not respected ?

The spectacle at present in Arab countries, in the Ivory Coast, and previously in other countries, where Leaders have held on to power for much too long, where they have feathered their nests to become multi-billionaires, where suddenly there are revolutions, why has this never provoked any angry reactions from "Western Leaders" ?

Why have Western Leaders never dared to raise the question of Human Rights in these countries ? Why have they not, collectively, dared to impose serious sanctions ? Have what they have done or preached had any effect ? Why have they collectively, in their "Politically Correct" manner behaved like cowards ? Is it because petrol is so important ?

Tuesday, 15 February 2011


Mr Roberto Maroni, the Italian Minister of the Interior, has alerted the E U that thousands of immigrants from Tunisia are invading the island of Lampedusa due to recent upheavals. Italy seeks E U financial aid of 100 million Euros to deal with this influx of illegal immigrants.

The request for 100 Million Euros is ridiculous !!! It is a drop in the orient and not nearly enough !!! Even 100 Billion Euros is not enough to solve the problem of illegal immigrants, a problem which the E U has never ever seriously tacled. In fact, who in the E U is responsible and what has he done ? What is his budget ?

This is the most important problem the E U has never covered but must urgently solve !!! The E U has expanded from six member countries (6) to twenty seven (27) and more countries want to join !!!

How do the current leaders of the E U, or the current leaders of the countries which are members of the E U, imagine the cost of unlimited immigration into the E U can be financed ? From income tax ? From additional contributions to the E U ? NO !!!

Each member country would have to solve its own problem of the additional costs provoked by illegal immigrants !!! Unless, of course, the highly paid E U "Directors" accept that this is their problem and that they undertake to solve it rapidly !!!

Time is of the essence. If the E U fails to react, it is sure that certain countries will be severely tempted to withdraw from the E U !!!


Au moment ou diverses pistes sont à l'étude pour alléger l'impôt sur la fortune, il est temps de songer à exclure la valeur de la résidence principale de l'assiette de l'ISF.

A de nombreuses reprises, le Président Sarkosy a répété que le rêve des français est de devenir propriétaire de leur habitation principale et qu'il faut les y encourager.

Or, la plupart des propriétaires ont vu la valeur de leur bien augmenter considérablement ces dernières années en raison de la flambée de l'immobilier et ont été, de ce seul fait, assujettis à l'impôt sur la fortune.

Celui qui a acheté sa résidence principale en y consacrant pendant des années une partie de ses revenus soumis à l'impôt, est redevable de l'I S F dès lors que son patrimoine est supérieur à 800 000 euros; un montant vite atteint pour un appartement parisien.

En revanche, si au lieu d'acheter, il avait loué son habitation principale et acquis des objets d'art ou de collection, il ne serait pas, pour cet investissement, quel que soit son montant, assujetti à l'I S F...

Une incompréhension et une injustice pour beaucoup de petits copropriétaires.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

This 50 year old E U needs updating !!!

Though the E U currently has several fundamental problems there is little or nothing very decisive being proposed to solve any of them.

In particular, the following problems are examples of what needs urgent attention;

1) What is being done to stop effectively, illegal immigrants entering the E U ?

2) Which countries will ultimately pay the cost of loans to insolvent E U countries ?

3) When will the Human Rights Charter be updated ?
When will the European court of Human rights be controlled ?

4) When will only politicians elected in E U elections, run the E U ?

5) What has been decided on an E U basis to control the powers of Banks ?

6) How long will it be before the E U accounts will again be certified by the auditors without any qualifications ?

7) Will the E U undertake to limit the length of the re-election of politicians to the E U ?

8) Will the E U propose a Charter of the Minimum Constitutional Rights of Electors to prevent future abuses within the E U ?

The above list of outstanding problems is far from being complete !!! There are many people with much more information than the author of this Blog, who know what needs to be done to organize the reduction of the backlog of E U problems.

In this connection the question really is:

"Who has the responsibility of ensuring that the E U redefines its goals by updating the original objectives of the E U which were fixed 50 years ago, when there were only 6 Founding Members ?". "Who is logically responsible ?"

Can we hope that there is someone with sufficient power and willpower, who is prepared to undertake the task to alert those empowered to address the importance of these questions ?

If no one moves, the E U will be abandoned and it will cease to exist !!!

Friday, 11 February 2011

National and E U election dates

Despite what the E U really wanted, the British Parliament has voted not to give criminals in prison the right to vote.

This flies in the face of the faceless, unelected E U mandarins who initiate the E U policies. At long last some common sense concerning the diktates of the E U has come from both sides of the House of Commons.

The Members of Parliament of all countries, not only in Great Britain, are elected to defend the interests of their country. When the E U wants to impose unacceptable principles, they should and must be opposed. The principle of democracy must be upheld by the E U with the help of the leaders of each country in the E U. Alas, this is not possible at present !!!

The basic problem with this assertion is that the dates of E U Elections do not coincide with the dates of National Elections. Why ? Has no one ever considered the importance, which the impact of this aberration, has had, and will continue to have, on european politics ?

The solution to this problem is above all, common sense. When a General Election is held in a country, it should at the same time elect its MEPs (Members of the European Parliament)

MEPs would then certainly become much more sensitive to the changing feelings of the electors in their own country. This would also, without any doubt, help their national leader to intervene more efficiently and in a timely manner, in the affairs of the E U.

In fact, when things go wrong in the E U, it is not really the MEP who suffers !!! It is the Prime Minister !!! Is this right ? Should the E U not recognise this and change its rules on when the election of MEP's should take place ?

Wednesday, 9 February 2011


Judge Trigger has again vented his feelings of utter frustration in court and again risks reprimands from his superiors !!! The faceless Sentencing Guidelines Council and the Lord Chancellor in fact tell him to avoid sending criminals to prison for short term sentences, even if they are repetitive offenders !!!

The Justice Secretary, Kenneth Clark, cannot justify continuing the same policies so lamentally used by the Socialists. Bigger prisons must be built, criminals must be deterred from reoffending and the public must be protected. Taxpayers and others have a right to expect the application of the laws which have been voted.

Bending over backwards in order to be seen applying the Human Rights Act with respect to criminals is ludicrous when they in fact infringe the human rights of their victims. Originally the aims of the Human Rights Act was to protect citizens in countries where there were few human rights.

If Judge Trigger is again reprimanded the Justice Secretary, Kenneth Clark, must clearly explain to the electorate how he and the Conservative Government expect Judges to perform their duties; how are they expected to protect the public and efficiently control and deter crime and criminals.

Mr Clark, to prevent Judges from sentencing criminals is like aiding and abetting criminals after their crime. This happens frequently in totalitarian countries and sometimes in other countries as well !!!

Tuesday, 8 February 2011


All is quiet on the FIFA front. It has had its problems but the least said the better ! FIFA is now very busy preparing the agenda for its next four yearly A G M. The real question is what are they going to propose to discuss and what do they intend to sweep under the carpet ? Alternatively, what do they not want to discuss !!!

Basically, FIFA is a closed shop. It does not want interference from outside bodies. This means that it does not want awkward questions, it wants to maintain the status quo.

Many problems stem from the fact that the statutes of FIFA do not cover all the aspects of FIFA governance !!! For example, how and how much are executives paid. Who verifies and autorizes the level of expenses ?

In the Statutes of FIFA there are no age limitations. There are no limitations of how often anyone can remain appointed. This observation concerns in particular the members of the Executive Committee where certain members have been caught after having accepted bribes. Nothing is clear. Likewise the reappointment of Sepp Blatter is almost certain despite the problems concerning the decision that Qatar will host the 2022 World Cup !!!

Was the nomination of Qatar in accordance with FIFA rules ? Are there any rules or regulations which could have prevented this decision ? Was it so urgent to push this through in 2010 ? Is this why Sepp Blatter must be reelected, to supervise the solution of problems connected with the 2022 World Cup ?

Sepp Blatter has resisted changes concerning the use of televisual aids to help referees in situations where they cannot always see what is going on. Referees do not have eyes in the back of their heads Mr Blatter !!! Other sports have long ago turned to visual aids to help referees, not least those concerned with Rugby !!! The goaline technology favoured by Michel Platini is not the answer either. There were too many errors in the last World Cup, during the qualifications and then during the Finals, to pacify the millions of patient spectators.

What will FIFA propose at the next A G M ? Anything new, or just "Let's talk about this during the next four years". Will anyone who takes part at the next A G M evoke any of the foregoing problems ?