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Friday, 30 March 2012


The leading candidates in the French Presidential Elections are avoiding discussions on the very points where electors have the most doubts and problems !!!

For example, neither Sarkozy nor Holland want to state how they will act when faced with Eurozone problems !!!   This problem has now clearly surfaced as Spain is about to ask for financial help !!!

Will Spain be bailed out in the same way as Greece (and Ireland and Portugal) ?  Will Germany and Merkel agree ? Let's not forget that Merkel has to face elections next year !!!

What about Immigration ?  Several candidates have policies, or should one say "intentions", but none state how they will change current EU rules to attain their objective, which is to restrict illegal immigration !!!

Some candidates want to limit Asian imports produced with cheap child labour !!!  The practical question is "How?".  This is against the basic principle of free trade, one of the pillars of the EU !!! 

There are many other subjects which could exlain why the current Presidential Election process is more like a damp squib.   

However, finally, one must ask oneself whether the real, basic reason is not that everyone is in the EU for what they can get out for themselves AND their country !!!  Now, while they can, but before all the rules must be changed !!!    


Wednesday, 28 March 2012


The more realistic question is "Just when does Diplomatic Immunity stop ?".

When I studied for my Law degree I remember quite distinctly there was the case of the "Sales Representative" who visited a customer company and who seduced a company employee there. He was subsequently prosecuted.

He pleaded not guilty saying he only went to the company as a sales representative on behalf of his employers.

The judge asked him:  "What if you had killed her ? Would you then have expected me to hang your company by its company seal ?".

Is this not a simple example of how to decide where and when "Diplomatic Immunity" starts and finishes ?  The lawyers behind DSK perhaps want to avoid a long drawn out legal battle, but they must have other convincing reasons to frustrate the plaintiff, Nafissatou Diallo.      

Monday, 26 March 2012


The British press reveals that Abu Qatada is at last happy that his "family" has been upgraded to a larger tax-payer funded house.  Are there not thousands of Council House tenants in Britain who would also love to be "upgraded" ? 

Let us not forget that a judge described Qatada as being "Bin Laden's right hand man in Europe" !!!   At present Bin Laden no longer exists but Britain is stuck with Qatada, because the European Court of Human Rights decreed that Britain had no right to deport him !!!

There is something very seriously wrong !!!  First of all Qatada entered Britain on a false Arab passport.  He later claimed asylum !!!  He then became a fanatical hate preacher in Britain which culminated in the restrictions on his movements in Britain !!!

One simple question this Blog would like to ask is why Chris Tappin was extradited from Britain to the USA without any right of an appeal or explanation !!!  If Chris Tappin had been an MP would he have been protected ?
Why is Qatada protected ?

What is the income of the Qatada household ? He, aged 51, apparantly cannot work, why ?  Does this now stop him Preaching ?  Furthermore there are 20 people living in the house he has been allocated !!! 

Who are these people, (14 are children !!!) and what are their resources ?  Can anyone detail the income of these "dependants" ? 

Sunday, 25 March 2012


The United Nations is perhaps the best authorised World Organisation to tackle the fights against Drugs and Terrorism !!!  The leading members of U.N.O.  must be conscious of the ravages of Drug Dealers and the profits from this trade, which in my opinion, probably also finances World Terrorism !!!

The uncontrolled supply of drugs wreaks havoc in countless towns and cities throughout the world !!!  The non-payment of drugs supplied leads to violence and misery.  Suppliers are dealt with leniently if caught and protected by Human Rights Laws !!!  Every week there are television reports.  

The hot spots for drugs cultivated in Central America and in Asia (Afghanistan, etc ) are all well known !!!  Does the United Nations Organization not recognize that it has a moral obligation to organize its members to control this problem ?

Should this problem not become the N° 1  debate on the Agenda of the next UNO meeting ?

There are countries in Central America which are totally dominated by Drug Gangs !!!  Does the UNO and its President, Ban Ki Moon, glibly accept this uncontrolled situation ?    

Saturday, 24 March 2012


Now that Mohamed Merah has been laid to rest after having killed seven people in shootings in  Montauban and Toulouse, the real questions can be asked about "Who was at fault and did not act to prevent the Merah killings ?".

In the present climate of the Presidential Elections the whole subject has become a political football !!!  The mayor of Toulouse is a Socialist as are all the elected Parliamentarians of the region !!!  Local council workers will fight to the last to avoid being held responsible for any shortcomings !!!

The simple facts and direct questions are the following:

-  When Merah was 5 years old, his parents divorced !!! His natural father returned to Algeria !!!
-  While he was a minor Merah was found guilty and punished 15 times for different reasons including violence !!!  Was there no one in the social services in Toulouse delegated to supervise Merah ?

-  Between December 2007 and September 2009 Merah was in Prison, where he certainly met radical Islamists.  Did no one on the prison staff observe or report that the young Merah would need supervising after leaving prison ?

-  Merah later visited Afghanistan and Pakistan and also other such countries several times. The USA was aware of this and Merah was not allowed to fly in the USA on a plane !!!  Did anyone in Toulouse or in France follow what Merah was doing ?

-  Did anyone ever wonder where Merah got his money from to pay for his flat, pay his living costs, pay for a car etc. and travel the World ?  Surely someone in Toulouse must have been aware of what was going on !!!

-  Merah obtained armes. Where did they come from ?  He had a whole arsenal, not just one handgun !!!  Did no one know about this ?

The answers to these questions will clearly indicate who has not done his job to ensure security.  They will also indicate what must be done to ensure that the same thing does not happen again.  


Friday, 23 March 2012


Osborne is trying too hard to balance the books !!! His future is in ruins if he thinks that he can get to the top by plundering the resources of old age pensioners !!!

Leaving the old who have served their country in many ways with new problems to survive comfortably in old age, is not acceptable.  They will suffer as will their children and they will remember all this when the next election comes around !!!  Brown got a kick up the pants, but the next time perhaps the Liberals will benefit from unsatisfied voters !!!

Robbing the old happens only too often and then, much too often, the criminals get away !!!  Don't count on it, Mr Osborne !!!

Wednesday, 21 March 2012


Everywhere in Europe one sees stories of drug cartels infiltrating towns and cities with drugs from Asia and South America or other continents.  Suppliers who are not paid viciously kill their "clients" but avoid any criminal punishment.  They are well organized !!!

Sadly the police in many countries are aware of what happens but do not have the means and the backing of governmental Ministers to be able to attack the problem seriously !!!  This is a long term problem which needs an International Police Organization to get to the root of the problem.  Drug supplies must be curtailed.

Should this be INTERPOL or should the impetus come from the European Council which meets regularly to solve the on-going EURO problems ?  Could Mr Barroso, the President of the EU Commission put this problem on the Agenda for the next meeting of European Council ? 

If not, could Mr Barroso indicate who should get the ball rolling ? 



The current outrages in France which have resulted in the deaths of three soldiers and then four members of a jewish school has ignited comments in Europe and abroad but of course in France as well.  But only "comments" !!!

Do any politicians, in France or in any country elsewhere, suggest what should be done now ?  Not at all !!!   We have an ongoing Presidential election at present but no candidate dares to propose what should be done !!!

The truth is that the Death Penalty has been abolished in most countries and thus no longer serves as a deterrant anywhere in Europe !!!  Even in Muslim countries one regularly sees summary executions ( without even trials) but Al Qaida terrorists and others no longer have the fear of execution if found guilty of atrocities, or of gratuitous acts of violence. 

When will Politicians, at least in Europe, (in the sacred EU !!!) realise that the Death Penalty must be brought back for certain crimes and criminals ?  In particular for:

   -  indiscriminate mass killings,
   - recidivist murderers,
   - and for drug smugglers, the new scourge of modern society ?  

When will a leading politician in Europe have the courage to act ?  

Monday, 19 March 2012


There are 10 official candidates who can participate in the first round of voting on Sunday 22 April 2012.  The official electioneering to determine who will be the next President of France for the next five years will start on Thursday March 22.  As you know, some candidates have already been on the road for six months and more !!!

Opinion Polls have clearly identified two groups of candidates, - those with a real chance of becoming President, and the "No Hopers". 

Realistic Candidates:                                  POLLS

François Hollande             Socialist Party    27.5 %
President Sarkozy                Centre Right       27.5
Marine Le Pen                    National Front    17.5
François Bayrou                Democrat            13.0
Jean-Luc Mélenchon         Exteme Left        11.0
                                                                                         sub-total    96.5 %
Total Other Candidates                                   3.5 %

Eva Joly                               The Greens
Nathalie Arthaud                 Workers Struggle                                                                                                                                                               Dupont
Dupont-Aignan                    Against the EU            
Philippe Poutou                  Anti Capitalist               
Jacques Cheminade           Independent                  
The percentage indicated for each candidate reflects their approximate share of poll votes.  These can vary and frequently do. 

From news reports you are probably aware that a man  shot four Jews, including a teacher and his two children, in a Jewish school early this morning (March 19) in Toulouse.  With the same gun he last week shot three soldiers, two Muslims and a black man !!!  Emotions are running high in France and people are indignant that this could happen. Two hundred specialized police are engaged on the case in order to capture this man.

All the candidates have therefore decided to cancel all their political engagements until Wednesday evening, March 21.



Prime Minister David Cameron and the Chancellor George Osborne want to improve British motorways by inviting private companies to build new motorways which are urgently needed to update the present network.

The present Government have inherited this problem from the previous Brown and Blair governments !!!  The same thing is true with respect to pension plans which were taxed into extinction by the Socialists !!!

Having read the leaks of what George Osborne intents to propose in his Budget I think there are alternative and better solutions available !!!  Why let Private Industry or Companies build Toll Roads or Motorways ?  They will currently obtain finance at incomparably low interest rates and then sit long term on guaranteed revenues from the Toll  charges !!!  What you could call a Golden Nest Egg !!!

If the Government invested taxpayers money instead it would reap the same long term guaranteed income to help pay for the shortfall in the financing of State Pensions !!!  

Think about this, Mr Osborne, this really could justify reducing income tax in Britain !!!  Perhaps not at once but defintely in the longer term !!!       


Thursday, 15 March 2012


The two leading candidates, Hollande the Socialist and Sarkozy the outgoing President, are both making long speeches to rouse their supporters and floating voters.  There are, however, subjects which either or both try to avoid.
In the case of François Hollande his favourite plan of attack is to promise or half promise all the things which Socialists want to hear.  He will tax the rich, and not just the very rich: in fact he has redefined the word "Rich" to cover a greater number of taxpayers !!!

Hollande has a list of things he will do and this earns him much applause at his meetings, but the real total cost is not made known.  Where the finance is coming from is not clearly explained either.

Finally in the background are the heavyweights of the Socialist Party who sparkle by their absense from debates !!!  If Hollande becomes President they will make sure that good old Socialist policies are introduced.

Sarkozy has a different approach.  He has many new ideas for the next five years (many of which Marine Le Pen of the National Front also has in her Election Project) but he never totally explains what he really achieved during his first five year mandate as President  of France. 

He claims that he and Merkel avoided the possible default of Greece and an attack on the EURO. This is true, but at what cost to France and other Eurozone countries ?  And has the Greek problem really been solved ? 

Sarkozy never dwells on the fact that there are other countries on the brink of bankruptcy like Italy, Spain, Portugal and Ireland.  Many specialists expect a new financial crisis in the next six or nine months !!!

Sarkozy also wants reduced and selective Immigration into France. However, discussions to change the Schengen Agreement already started last year !!! 
In fact all the foregoing points and many others will be raised when these two candidates meet face to face in a televised debate !!!  That debate will surely decide who wins this battle to become the next President of France.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012


The 2002 Anglo - American Extradition Treaty merits more than just a revision by David Cameron when he next meets President Obama. 

Has this Treaty been made Law in the USA ? Is it part of British Law ?  Are the terms and obligations identical on both sides of the Atlantic ?

Everyone can understand that criminals must be brought to justice, that is not the problem. Everyone can also understand that in open court some detailed evidence could cause harm to Britain and perhaps the USA.  All this could justify a degree of secrecy, but the real question is "who" decides this ?  Should it be just one person, a Minister or Prime Minister, or a select small group of people, from Britain only or the USA as well ?

We recently became aware of the Chris Tappin Case.  Are there others of which the public is or was not aware ?

At present we have confidence in David Cameron, but Britain will have other leaders in the future, just like the USA !!!  World events can quickly change.  No one person alone should be above the law of any country !!!

Sunday, 11 March 2012


Sepp Blatter has been trying to hatch his favourite project of goaline technology for a long time but many are wondering if he is not sitting on a boiled egg !!! 

Not for the first time, namely modern technology in the form of Televisual aids, have exposed the shortcomings of GOALINE TECHNOLOGY.  Yesterday the match was Bolton v QPR. It was quite evident on television that a perfectly allowable goal had been scored yet was disallowed by the referee who was unsighted.  Manchester United was not involved !!!  It was a relegation dog fight !!!

There are however other questions !!!  What did the "fourth" official see ?  Did he not have a television to see what was going on ?  Or was his job just to judge the "FIFA" referee who was in charge of the match ?  What about other incidents which "GOAL LINE TECHNOLOGY" is not destined to cover - for example shirt-pulling, body-checking and other "off the ball" incidents ?  

Mr Blatter, the best businesses copy and introduce the latest innovations.  Look at "Silicone Valley" !!! Also look at what the Rugby Union has introduced as changes to modernise its game in recent years !!! Have you considered "SIN BIN" penalties for lesser infringements instead of three match penalties ?  Have you considered stoppage time monitored on the clock instead of the present "add on time" ? 

What everyone wants to avoid is that you do not have the time to reform FIFA and that you need another term as President  !!!  

Saturday, 10 March 2012


According to the Opinion Polls François Hollande the Socialist has a lead of about 6 percentage points against outgoing President Sarkozy, the scores being approximately 32% vs 26%.

To win votes Hollande repeatedly says he will "Tax the Rich" who earn more than one million euros a year.  This is a vote winner but will not win much tax for the treasury. What right wing taxpayers really fear is what the Socialists will really do if Hollande is elected. The so called "Elephants", the real heavyweights of the Party, are almost absent from debates at present but will be very active decision makers if Hollande wins.

President Sarkozy has been very active in the recent Greek crisis and the Bankers' problems three years ago.  The result is that he is criticised repeatedly for not having kept promises he made before becoming President. This is his weak point, but also perhaps the results of the Greek crisis which is not yet really finished.

The extreme left which is credited with 10% of the votes, will solidly back Hollande if, as expected, he is one of the first two candidates after the First round on April 22.  Sarkozy on the other hand is trying to move closer to the National Front, the extreme right, which is credited with 17.5% of the votes. 

The democrats led by Bayrou (11%) say they will not promise their votes to anyone in the second round of voting. However they and the National Front both wish that election rules be changed so that smaller parties can be represented in Parliament.  Sarkozy would probably envisage making this possible by introducing a number of seats allocated on a proportional voting basis. 

On March 20 we will know how many candidates have the 500 sponsors in order to take part officially in the first round of voting.                

Thursday, 8 March 2012


The European Council has made a request to FIFA and its President for the last 13 years, Sepp Blatter, to simplify its Organization and render its activities less opaque and more democratic.

Simply said, there have been many criticisms during the last four years concerning Blatter's re-election, (he was the sole candidate !) and the way Russia and Qatar were voted to be the hosts for the 2018 and 2022 World Cups.

In addition, any lawyer who reads the statutes of FIFA quickly realizes that they need to be redrafted. There are not enough hard and fast procedural rules, particularly with respect to re-elections and the length of service.

Alas the European Council opinion is not backed with the force of law.  It is a watchdog which tries to uphold Human Rights and Democracy, but it has the moral backing of 47 member Countries. 

FIFA receives enormous revenues from its members and all of them are not entirely happy with the current situation.  If FIFA refuses to act members could exert pressure by suspending payments due !!!

The final report on FIFA will be presented to the European Council Assembly on April 25, 2012.     

Wednesday, 7 March 2012


One new habit which has crept into modern life, whether it is in Britain or France or elsewhere, is the habit of granting huge bonuses to top directors if they attain the objectives for which they have been employed !!! 

Some of the amounts paid, in the form of money or shares or other benefits in kind, are enough to make the minds boggle of lowly paid employees and of shareholders !!!

All the comments one hears from ordinary people criticize the greed of beneficiaries and the largesse of those who authorize payments even in circumstances where goals have not been attained.

To what extent legislation controls the payment of "bonuses" is difficult to verify.  The reality is that there has never been a coordinated effort on a national or international basis to draft rules to regulate this problem. 

It is also clearly true that the EU has so many problems and goals that this problem is a non runner in priority terms.  No one cares !!!

It is a pity that Politicians and Professional Organizations  do not take the initiative to act !!!  



When any politician does not get his way, he sooner or later encounters a conflict of interests.  This is particularly the case when weighing-up National interests and International aims and desires.

Europe at the present moment is in a mess.  Whether it is the fault of the EU or the EUROZONE, or whether it is the general World Economic Crisis, there are many conflicting interests which cannot be solved by EUROPE alone.

Many of the following list of problems cannot be solved by Europe alone without the help of other parties and countries.  Some, however, need the resolve of real leaders to permit a change of direction.

1)   The EUROZONE has created its own problem by wanting to protect at all costs the EURO.  Greece is bankrupt and needs internal reforms.  It must abandon the EURO as its national money.  The EU cannot afford to give more loans to Greece.  Likewise, Italy too must leave the Eurozone, just like Spain.  These countries need help, but in fact must help themselves with internal reforms. 

It would be financial suicide for the EUROZONE to repeat the Greek experience in the case of Italy and Spain !!!

2)   The EU must rewrite the EU treaty (Lisbon etc.).  There are too many "holes" which do not permit logical solutions to be found and adopted.  What are the rules and obligations for EUROZONE countries and NON-EUROZONE countries ? 

3)   Why are there no hard and fast rules with respect to IMMIGRATION into the EU ?  Should there not be an EU law which specifies clearly what all countries expect of others that admit Immigrants ?

4)   The EU has adopted the principles of the HUMAN RIGHTS ACT.  This ACT is flawed because it never clearly states what the HUMAN OBLIGATIONS of signatory countries are !!!  Do criminals not have any obligations with respect to their victims ?   Should the COURT OF HUMAN RIGHTS have the right to freely  reverse the judgements passed by National Judges ?

5)   Is it right that "unelected" specialists are parachuted into top jobs in the EU ? Should all European Parliamentarians not be elected ?  If high flying specialists are required, they can be hired for their help, just as happens in national parliaments !!!

6)   Why are Members of the European Parliament (MEP's) not re-elected everytime when there is an election in their local country ?  Why are they elected every 5 years, come what may ?  Opinions throughout Europe change constantly;  these changes should be reflected in the EU parliament on a constant basis !!!  

7)   A major shortcoming in the EU treaty is that there is a lack of control over spending, whether for running expenses or for commitments for political reasons. 

Likewise, the Central EU Bank does not verify the financial condition of EU members.  The problems of the EUROZONE are a perfect example, particularly the absence of any regulations in the Treaty concerning country bankruptcies !!! 

Should there not be an official "Audit Function" and "Central Bank Control Function" which report to a comptroller ?

There are certainly people with direct experience which can add to the foregoing list .  Something needs to be done to impropve the organisation in the EU in order to save the EU !!!                          

Tuesday, 6 March 2012


Kenneth Clarke, the Justice Secretary wants to prepare the ground for secret trials, when "sensitive information " could be revealed in open court to the detriment of British Interests !!!

Kenneth Clarke has rightly recognized that the "old rules of the playing field" from the Habeas Corpus era need to be modernized.  There are limits, however !!! 

If he expects a simple "vote of confidence" on this issue he must at least frame his request in such a way that Britain's electorate is certain that no abuse of power would ever be possible !!!  There must be procedural guarantees and leading Judges must be involved !!!

Many foreign countries already have "special procedures or powers" but these same countries and their politicians have abused or are abusing their "special" powers to get rid of "dangerous"  people or cover up unwanted opposition.  Is this not what happened under Stalin and Hitler and is currently a problem in the Arab Spring revolts ?

A further consideration for Kenneth Clarke is the existence of the European Court of Human Rights !!!  Would the law he wants to introduce cover the case of Abu Qatada ?  Could Chris Tappin have had a "secret hearing" before being deported to the USA ?    


Les intentions de vote pour Nicolas Sarkozy stagnent.

Pourquoi Nicolas Sarkozy ne dresse-t-il pas un vrai bilan,  d'une part de ce qu'il avait promis en 2007 et d'autre part de ce qui a été réalisé, ou pas, 5 ans plus tard ? Contrairement à l'adage, les Français n'ont pas la mémoire courte!

Par exemple, en 2007 le candidat Sarkozy avait déjà promis la réforme de l'ordonnance de 1945 sur la répression des mineurs délinquants; nouvelle promesse en 2012 sur le même sujet dans son discours de Bordeaux.

Alors, un peu plus de transparence, Monsieur le Président!

Monday, 5 March 2012


Why are cars with opaque windows allowed to circulate in normal traffic ?  One sees such cars everywhere and frequently in France.  The same is true in other countries.

The law in France  does not forbid tainted windows in cars.  If the police issue a summons, the driver can obtain its cancellation by a Judge.  Specialist defence lawyers have all this well covered.  

However, the law obliges drivers and passengers to wear seat belts when in a car, forbids driving while listening on a mobile phone, forbids having anti-radar detectors in a car, etc. etc....  How on earth can the Police do their job ?

When a law cannot be enforced by a judge, it is a bad law and must be changed. 


Sunday, 4 March 2012


Nicolas Sarkozy asserts that the euro problems have been solved, but I am not certain in my mind that this is the case.  I resume the events briefly as I see them.

Two years ago Greece informed the EU that it needed 30 Billion Euros to repay loans falling due shortly and thus avoid a national bankruptcy.  This Greek crisis quickly became an EU crisis because the Greek national money was the Euro.  A default by Greece could lead to an attack on the Euro in financial markets worldwide !!!

It was then that further studies revealed that more loans would soon fall due, so the decision was taken to loan Greece not 30 but 110 Billion Euros.

Other serious economic imbalances were then discovered including errors in the financial statements relied upon originally and which permitted Greece to adopt the Euro as its national money.  These new imbalances forced Greece to ask for a second 110 billion Euros of loans a year later.

Now in his election campaign Nicolas Sarkozy says that  the Greek problem has been solved. Together with the help of Chancellor Merkel they have saved the EURO !!!

The ultimate Question is "Who paid the cost of saving the EURO ?".   Is the answer not  "The European Taxpayers" ?

In the private business world when there is a bankruptcy creditors have no choice but to book their losses. 

In the case of Greece, Euro countries chose to make loans through their banks, then wrote down the loans by about 75% in the hope that Greece will repay at least the last 25%.  Finally, the banks booked their pre-tax losses against profits and paid less tax.  Capital increases replaced any remaining loss of net worth.

It is my opinion that Greece should have been left to go through the devaluation process.  This has still not yet occurred although severe measures are ongoing.

What is much more worrying for the taxpayers is that there are other countries which are also in dire straits.  The EU or EUROZONE cannot afford to repeat the same Greek process.



Outgoing President Sarkozy is not acting like like a serene  President seeking a re-election.  Almost desperately he is trying to widen his catchment area of normal centrist voters !!!

We in France had a good example just this week. He does not want to be associated with the extreme right, i.e. The National Front (i.e. Marine Le Pen) !!!

However on the  25 February recently (as reported in this Blog on "Animal Rights and Ritual Slaughter) Sarkozy questioned whether there is a problem of "Animals ritually butchered for Hallal meat" replied drily "Is it worth making an issue of this ?"  This was indirectly a reply to the problem which Marine LE PEN had vehemently raised in her campaign.

Sarkozy has now inserted into his campaign the fact that he wants Hallal Meat to be specifically identified when sold !!!     


En visite aux halles de Rungis le  21  février dernier, Nicolas Sarkozy dénonçait la polémique ravivée par Marine Le Pen  sur les modalités d'abattage des animaux, hallal ou pas, et l' absence d'information des consommateurs.

"Est ce que cela vaut le coup de faire une polémique pour ça ?" ajoutait il.

Revirement hier, 3 mars, dans son discours de Bordeaux, puisqu'il a souhaité la mise en place de "l'étiquetage  de la viande en fonction de la méthode d'abattage".

Cela valait donc le coup d'en parler? 

Friday, 2 March 2012


Russian cargo ships are currently delivering tons of armaments to the port of Tartus in Syria for the benefit of the Assad regime, which in fact makes Russia a close ally of Bashir al Assad.

The Russian Government says that the sale of armaments to Syria does not contravene any embargo.  This may be quite true but a little common sense quickly leads to the conclusion that arms foster bloodshed and encourages civil war !!!  It is in fact the negation of the basic Human Right  which is to live, but also peacefully. 

The Security Council of the United Nations is preparing another Resolution for a vote next week.  Mr Putin will probably be elected as President of Russia this Sunday, March, 4 2012;  will Russia (and China) again use their Veto against the Resolution ?

Will Bashir al Assad be allowed to continue butchering his countrymen, or will he flee ?  His fortune is probably already hidden somewhere abroad !!!