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Friday, 30 March 2012


The leading candidates in the French Presidential Elections are avoiding discussions on the very points where electors have the most doubts and problems !!!

For example, neither Sarkozy nor Holland want to state how they will act when faced with Eurozone problems !!!   This problem has now clearly surfaced as Spain is about to ask for financial help !!!

Will Spain be bailed out in the same way as Greece (and Ireland and Portugal) ?  Will Germany and Merkel agree ? Let's not forget that Merkel has to face elections next year !!!

What about Immigration ?  Several candidates have policies, or should one say "intentions", but none state how they will change current EU rules to attain their objective, which is to restrict illegal immigration !!!

Some candidates want to limit Asian imports produced with cheap child labour !!!  The practical question is "How?".  This is against the basic principle of free trade, one of the pillars of the EU !!! 

There are many other subjects which could exlain why the current Presidential Election process is more like a damp squib.   

However, finally, one must ask oneself whether the real, basic reason is not that everyone is in the EU for what they can get out for themselves AND their country !!!  Now, while they can, but before all the rules must be changed !!!