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Sunday, 11 March 2012


Sepp Blatter has been trying to hatch his favourite project of goaline technology for a long time but many are wondering if he is not sitting on a boiled egg !!! 

Not for the first time, namely modern technology in the form of Televisual aids, have exposed the shortcomings of GOALINE TECHNOLOGY.  Yesterday the match was Bolton v QPR. It was quite evident on television that a perfectly allowable goal had been scored yet was disallowed by the referee who was unsighted.  Manchester United was not involved !!!  It was a relegation dog fight !!!

There are however other questions !!!  What did the "fourth" official see ?  Did he not have a television to see what was going on ?  Or was his job just to judge the "FIFA" referee who was in charge of the match ?  What about other incidents which "GOAL LINE TECHNOLOGY" is not destined to cover - for example shirt-pulling, body-checking and other "off the ball" incidents ?  

Mr Blatter, the best businesses copy and introduce the latest innovations.  Look at "Silicone Valley" !!! Also look at what the Rugby Union has introduced as changes to modernise its game in recent years !!! Have you considered "SIN BIN" penalties for lesser infringements instead of three match penalties ?  Have you considered stoppage time monitored on the clock instead of the present "add on time" ? 

What everyone wants to avoid is that you do not have the time to reform FIFA and that you need another term as President  !!!