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Thursday, 15 March 2012


The two leading candidates, Hollande the Socialist and Sarkozy the outgoing President, are both making long speeches to rouse their supporters and floating voters.  There are, however, subjects which either or both try to avoid.
In the case of Fran├žois Hollande his favourite plan of attack is to promise or half promise all the things which Socialists want to hear.  He will tax the rich, and not just the very rich: in fact he has redefined the word "Rich" to cover a greater number of taxpayers !!!

Hollande has a list of things he will do and this earns him much applause at his meetings, but the real total cost is not made known.  Where the finance is coming from is not clearly explained either.

Finally in the background are the heavyweights of the Socialist Party who sparkle by their absense from debates !!!  If Hollande becomes President they will make sure that good old Socialist policies are introduced.

Sarkozy has a different approach.  He has many new ideas for the next five years (many of which Marine Le Pen of the National Front also has in her Election Project) but he never totally explains what he really achieved during his first five year mandate as President  of France. 

He claims that he and Merkel avoided the possible default of Greece and an attack on the EURO. This is true, but at what cost to France and other Eurozone countries ?  And has the Greek problem really been solved ? 

Sarkozy never dwells on the fact that there are other countries on the brink of bankruptcy like Italy, Spain, Portugal and Ireland.  Many specialists expect a new financial crisis in the next six or nine months !!!

Sarkozy also wants reduced and selective Immigration into France. However, discussions to change the Schengen Agreement already started last year !!! 
In fact all the foregoing points and many others will be raised when these two candidates meet face to face in a televised debate !!!  That debate will surely decide who wins this battle to become the next President of France.