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Wednesday, 7 March 2012


One new habit which has crept into modern life, whether it is in Britain or France or elsewhere, is the habit of granting huge bonuses to top directors if they attain the objectives for which they have been employed !!! 

Some of the amounts paid, in the form of money or shares or other benefits in kind, are enough to make the minds boggle of lowly paid employees and of shareholders !!!

All the comments one hears from ordinary people criticize the greed of beneficiaries and the largesse of those who authorize payments even in circumstances where goals have not been attained.

To what extent legislation controls the payment of "bonuses" is difficult to verify.  The reality is that there has never been a coordinated effort on a national or international basis to draft rules to regulate this problem. 

It is also clearly true that the EU has so many problems and goals that this problem is a non runner in priority terms.  No one cares !!!

It is a pity that Politicians and Professional Organizations  do not take the initiative to act !!!