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Wednesday, 7 March 2012


When any politician does not get his way, he sooner or later encounters a conflict of interests.  This is particularly the case when weighing-up National interests and International aims and desires.

Europe at the present moment is in a mess.  Whether it is the fault of the EU or the EUROZONE, or whether it is the general World Economic Crisis, there are many conflicting interests which cannot be solved by EUROPE alone.

Many of the following list of problems cannot be solved by Europe alone without the help of other parties and countries.  Some, however, need the resolve of real leaders to permit a change of direction.

1)   The EUROZONE has created its own problem by wanting to protect at all costs the EURO.  Greece is bankrupt and needs internal reforms.  It must abandon the EURO as its national money.  The EU cannot afford to give more loans to Greece.  Likewise, Italy too must leave the Eurozone, just like Spain.  These countries need help, but in fact must help themselves with internal reforms. 

It would be financial suicide for the EUROZONE to repeat the Greek experience in the case of Italy and Spain !!!

2)   The EU must rewrite the EU treaty (Lisbon etc.).  There are too many "holes" which do not permit logical solutions to be found and adopted.  What are the rules and obligations for EUROZONE countries and NON-EUROZONE countries ? 

3)   Why are there no hard and fast rules with respect to IMMIGRATION into the EU ?  Should there not be an EU law which specifies clearly what all countries expect of others that admit Immigrants ?

4)   The EU has adopted the principles of the HUMAN RIGHTS ACT.  This ACT is flawed because it never clearly states what the HUMAN OBLIGATIONS of signatory countries are !!!  Do criminals not have any obligations with respect to their victims ?   Should the COURT OF HUMAN RIGHTS have the right to freely  reverse the judgements passed by National Judges ?

5)   Is it right that "unelected" specialists are parachuted into top jobs in the EU ? Should all European Parliamentarians not be elected ?  If high flying specialists are required, they can be hired for their help, just as happens in national parliaments !!!

6)   Why are Members of the European Parliament (MEP's) not re-elected everytime when there is an election in their local country ?  Why are they elected every 5 years, come what may ?  Opinions throughout Europe change constantly;  these changes should be reflected in the EU parliament on a constant basis !!!  

7)   A major shortcoming in the EU treaty is that there is a lack of control over spending, whether for running expenses or for commitments for political reasons. 

Likewise, the Central EU Bank does not verify the financial condition of EU members.  The problems of the EUROZONE are a perfect example, particularly the absence of any regulations in the Treaty concerning country bankruptcies !!! 

Should there not be an official "Audit Function" and "Central Bank Control Function" which report to a comptroller ?

There are certainly people with direct experience which can add to the foregoing list .  Something needs to be done to impropve the organisation in the EU in order to save the EU !!!