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Tuesday, 6 March 2012


Kenneth Clarke, the Justice Secretary wants to prepare the ground for secret trials, when "sensitive information " could be revealed in open court to the detriment of British Interests !!!

Kenneth Clarke has rightly recognized that the "old rules of the playing field" from the Habeas Corpus era need to be modernized.  There are limits, however !!! 

If he expects a simple "vote of confidence" on this issue he must at least frame his request in such a way that Britain's electorate is certain that no abuse of power would ever be possible !!!  There must be procedural guarantees and leading Judges must be involved !!!

Many foreign countries already have "special procedures or powers" but these same countries and their politicians have abused or are abusing their "special" powers to get rid of "dangerous"  people or cover up unwanted opposition.  Is this not what happened under Stalin and Hitler and is currently a problem in the Arab Spring revolts ?

A further consideration for Kenneth Clarke is the existence of the European Court of Human Rights !!!  Would the law he wants to introduce cover the case of Abu Qatada ?  Could Chris Tappin have had a "secret hearing" before being deported to the USA ?