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Saturday, 24 March 2012


Now that Mohamed Merah has been laid to rest after having killed seven people in shootings in  Montauban and Toulouse, the real questions can be asked about "Who was at fault and did not act to prevent the Merah killings ?".

In the present climate of the Presidential Elections the whole subject has become a political football !!!  The mayor of Toulouse is a Socialist as are all the elected Parliamentarians of the region !!!  Local council workers will fight to the last to avoid being held responsible for any shortcomings !!!

The simple facts and direct questions are the following:

-  When Merah was 5 years old, his parents divorced !!! His natural father returned to Algeria !!!
-  While he was a minor Merah was found guilty and punished 15 times for different reasons including violence !!!  Was there no one in the social services in Toulouse delegated to supervise Merah ?

-  Between December 2007 and September 2009 Merah was in Prison, where he certainly met radical Islamists.  Did no one on the prison staff observe or report that the young Merah would need supervising after leaving prison ?

-  Merah later visited Afghanistan and Pakistan and also other such countries several times. The USA was aware of this and Merah was not allowed to fly in the USA on a plane !!!  Did anyone in Toulouse or in France follow what Merah was doing ?

-  Did anyone ever wonder where Merah got his money from to pay for his flat, pay his living costs, pay for a car etc. and travel the World ?  Surely someone in Toulouse must have been aware of what was going on !!!

-  Merah obtained armes. Where did they come from ?  He had a whole arsenal, not just one handgun !!!  Did no one know about this ?

The answers to these questions will clearly indicate who has not done his job to ensure security.  They will also indicate what must be done to ensure that the same thing does not happen again.