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Sunday, 25 March 2012


The United Nations is perhaps the best authorised World Organisation to tackle the fights against Drugs and Terrorism !!!  The leading members of U.N.O.  must be conscious of the ravages of Drug Dealers and the profits from this trade, which in my opinion, probably also finances World Terrorism !!!

The uncontrolled supply of drugs wreaks havoc in countless towns and cities throughout the world !!!  The non-payment of drugs supplied leads to violence and misery.  Suppliers are dealt with leniently if caught and protected by Human Rights Laws !!!  Every week there are television reports.  

The hot spots for drugs cultivated in Central America and in Asia (Afghanistan, etc ) are all well known !!!  Does the United Nations Organization not recognize that it has a moral obligation to organize its members to control this problem ?

Should this problem not become the N° 1  debate on the Agenda of the next UNO meeting ?

There are countries in Central America which are totally dominated by Drug Gangs !!!  Does the UNO and its President, Ban Ki Moon, glibly accept this uncontrolled situation ?