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Thursday, 17 May 2012


President Hollande and his Prime Minister have named the members of their Government, which is comprised of 17 Men and 17 Women.  This is a recognition of the Equality of the Sexes, but is it ?  There are in fact more Females than Males in France and in most countries of the World as a whole !!!  It is a very good start !!!

Only four ministers of the 34 named have previous governmental experience.  They are former Prime Minister  Laurent Fabius, Pierre Moscovici, Michel Sapin and Marylise Lebranchu.

However, the first hurdle that all these Ministers must successfully jump is to ensure their election in the upcoming Parliamentary Elections on June 10 and 17 !!!  Those not elected will lose their new job as Minister !!!

In fact President Hollande and his Prime Minister, Jean-Marc Ayrault want to avoid a "Split Ticket" in the National Assembly so they can govern with a comfortable majority. 

This should not be "too" difficult because Copé, the secretary of the UMP party, has refused point blank any sort of deal with Marine Le Pen and the National Front !!! The net result is that no UMP or NF candidate will ever withdraw to in the hope that a Left Wing candidate could be beaten !!!  In good English one calls this "shooting oneself in the foot" !!!  

The Socialists already have a majority in the Senate !!!