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Monday, 7 May 2012


The official results as of to-day are the following:
                                             % of        number  
                                            votes       of votes
François HOLLANDE     51.68 %  17 791 436

Nicolas   SARKOZY        48.32 %  16 663 211

The details of these official results could vary for technical reasons, but could never change the Final Result !!!  Hollande is the new 7th President of France in accordance with the Constitution of the Fifth Republic.

The battle for the new President Hollande now begins !!!   In the coming days he must form a Government, name the new Prime Minister, who will then have to face a General Election on June 10 with a second round on June 17.

The beaten Opposition, which supported Sarkozy, the former President, will also have to reorganize.  Will they be prepared to engage in talks with the National Front ?  Nothing at all is certain.

If the UMP Party, which supported Sarkozy wants to fight the left, the Socialists, they must reach an agreement with  the National Front !!!  Otherwise Hollande will also get  controle of the National Assembly (Parliament).  There will be no split ticket !!! 

One must await developments in the coming days before any more useful comments can be made.