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Wednesday, 2 May 2012


A defence plea of "Diplomatic Immunity" in a case of sexual aggression was yesterday rejected by the court in a civil law case between DSK and Nafissatou Diallo in New York.  The court ruled that sexual aggression was not covered by the immunity to which DSK was entitled under his conract with the IMF (International Monetary Fund).  

Diplomatic immunity had also been invoked by the Defence in the criminal legal proceedings against DKS, but the case was not proceeded with because the main prosecution witness, Nafissatou Diallo, was deemed to be  unreliable !!!  

This decision should be welcomed as it helps define the limits of Diplomatic Immunity.  Diplomats need help to protect them in some circumstances, but do they need help or protection when they are the aggressive party ? 

The ultimate hearing of the case may not take place before two or three years, which leaves enough time for the parties to agree a financial settlement.  Would DSK want all the publicity that such a case would attract ?  Very certainly not !!!