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Tuesday, 15 May 2012


Whenever there are problems in the EU or the "EUROZONE" one tries logically to find what needs to be done.  Trying to solve the problem very often brings me back to the same stumbling block.  Nothing changes in the EU even after elections in the country of an elected European Member of Parliament (MEP) !!!

In fact, the EU has its elections every 5 years come what may.  The EU, and its politicians, or "MEP's" are "untouchables" !!!  Logically, after elections in their own country, MEPs therefore no longer represent the climate of change in their country !!! 

Should MEPs not be elected at the same time when there are elections in the country they represent ?

At present, the system is totally undemocratic !!!  After the recent election of a new President of France, François Hollande, serious questions in connection with the Greek Bail out are on the table.  The EU Parliament, however, is asleep, it is aloof of such trivial questions !!!  Do not Disturb  !!!

So what is the solution ?  Change the Lisbon Treaty ? Of course, but that is another problem, A Big Problem !!!  It is probably better to remain undemocratic than to be too hasty !!!  It makes you cry !!!