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Sunday, 27 May 2012


Now that Sarkozy has lost his re-election the inevitable has already happened !!!  Those  waiting in the wings of the UMP party to seize the chance to obtain the leadership of the party, have been quick to make their ambitions publicly known !!!  The defeat of Sarkozy has left a big vacuum in the UMP party. 

The three expected candidates are Jean-François Copé, the current Secretary of the UMP Party, François Fillon, the loyal Prime Minister throughout the 5 years of the Sarkozy Presidency, and Alain Juppé, who has been Prime Minister and who has served the UMP party for many years .  He is in fact an elder statesman !!!

Both seem to want to oust Copé as Secretary of UMP to perhaps have a chance in the next "Presidentials" in 2017 !!!  Such an objective is perhaps too long terme.  There are at present other younger potential candidates in the wings !!!  They quite rightly prefer to wait a few years !!!

Copé has an election pending.  It is not clear whether he will be re-elected in Meaux where he is also the Mayor !!!

Fillon, on the other hand, has "appropriated" a safe seat in Paris !!! Juppé has decided that he does not want to stand in the General Election.

Whatever the result of the General Election, the next Assembly of the UMP party in the autumn will be very interesting !!! There are many UMP ministers who have recently lost their "jobs".