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Tuesday, 29 May 2012


Henri Guaino is the quiet, withdrawn man, unknown to the general public, but who in fact wrote the powerful speeches that former President Sarkozy delivered so convincingly during his five years in office.

His mastery of the French language was admirable and together with the confident and convincing way Sarkozy spoke, ensured that the message got through and was understood by the audience.

Henri Guaino is now, for the first time, a candidate in the General Election.  He has been parachuted into a constituency near Paris (3rd ward of the Yvelines) where Sarkozy polled 63% of the votes in the Presidentials.

In this ward there are 19 candidates !!!  Furthermore he is not a native of this area and, simply said, his confidence has taken a battering !!! He speaks well but his style is not that of a political activist !!!

He deserves his chance and it will be interesting to see how finally he reacts and whether he wins through in the end !!!