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Wednesday, 2 May 2012


The latest indications this morning are that Hollande still has a comfortable lead over Sarkozy, but one must now await the Face to Face Debate on major issues on French Television this evening (at 21 hours French Time on TF1, TF2 or BFM).

This debate promises to be "historic" and lively, before  20 million French television spectators.

Marine Le Pen has said she will vote for neither candidate, Sarkozy or Hollande and urges FN electors to vote freely for the Presidential Candidate they consider is best, or to vote blank as she intends to do !!! This is the reply to Nicolas Sarkozy who, last week refused clearly to withdraw UMP candidates in favour of FN candidates when the latter are more favourably placed after the first week of voting, i.e. the 17th of June, in the General Election !!!

Both Hollande and Sarkozy have also said that they were prepared to introduce a small dose of "proportional" voting.  As Sarkozy said it is not normal that a party that has 6 million voters (18%) is not represented in Parliament !!!  Alas the earliest any new law will be able to be used , would be in 2017, unless there is an anticipated General Election !!!