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Tuesday, 15 May 2012


After Obama was elected  he said "Banks are too big ! " This then, in my opinion was absolutely right !!!  What Obama has managed to do in the USA since then, I cannot really judge or evaluate. At the time there was a World Financial crisis.

The situation of four years ago has not really changed !!!  Even this last week we have had the spectacle of a big bank, JP Morgan Chase making a loss of two billion dollars US because of sloppy controls !!!  In the meantime there have been other scandles which have been gently forgotten.

What I think is Governments everywhere must realize that there is a big basic difference between private banks owned by Shareholders, on the one hand, and nationalized banks 100% owned by Governments on the other hand.  

No one can stop speculators who want to "bet" to make a quick fortune !!!  Some are successful but there are no reports !!!  Others fail and its never the fault of directors !!!

Since one cannot controle private banks, governments should only ever supply cheap government "tap money" to 100% owned state banks, i.e. what could be called  "National Banks" !!! 

If a government wants to encourage investments in specific areas with cheap loans, be it private housing, in industry etc would private banks be prepared to loan money at low interest rates ?  I fear not, you need a government backed bank for such risks !!!