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Thursday, 3 May 2012


20 million people watched a "no holds barred" debate between outgoing President Sarkozy and his socialist challenger, François Hollande.

During the first few exchanges, Hollande took what came, but he then became more combative.  He was faced by a Sarkozy who was his usual self, a man who knows all the aspects of any problem on which he is questioned.  In the end Hollande also revealed he was on top of the problems which came up for debate.

In my opinion, the tactic which Hollande adopted, when he was in difficulty, was to interrupt repeatedly when  Sarkozy was speaking !!!  Sarkozy was more relaxed !!!

Whatever the case may be, the real, ultimate, question is who "won" ?

The debate was at a very high level.  The amount of detail revealed by each candidate to support what he was saying was at times too technical for even highly educated television watchers to be able to absorb !!!

This fact is perhaps revealing of whether either candidate managed to convince any "floating" voters !!!

Sarkozy needed to convince FN voters and Bayrou voters (Modern Democrats) to join his rally for his re-election.  He certainly convinced some but perhaps not enough to save his skin !!!

The voters on the Left, however, could never be pursuaded to change their voting habits if they do not understand the message Sarkozy was trying to get across last night !!!  They will again vote for Hollande.

On the whole, the impression now is that Hollande will  become the new President of France on Sunday, May 6, 2012 !!!