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Saturday, 12 May 2012


The recent Presidential Election saw Sarkozy beaten by 3.36% of the votes by the Socialist François Hollande who benefitted from the help of votes from other left-wing Parties.

Sarkozy had the solid help of his UMP party, but its secretary, Jean-François Copé refused point blank, to make any deal with the National Front Party (extreme Right) !!!  Their Leader, Marine Le Pen, had polled (17.9%) of the votes (or 6.4 million) and had come 3rd.

This was a repeat of what had happened in previous elections.  Then the NF had a less desireable political program.  Marine Le Pen has since changed the image of the party completely and envisages changing its name in the near future.  Objectives in her election program were also included in Sarkozy's manifesto !!!  

The obstinacy of Copé and UMP not to collaborate with FN and Marine Le Pen led directly to her announcing that she would abstain from voting, and she invited her electors to do the same or to vote for the candidate they considered the most suitable.

Sarkozy lost his re-election by 3.36% of the votes.