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Thursday, 10 May 2012


What Merkel does not seem to grasp is that in France President Sarkozy has lost his re-election and he has been replaced by a Socialist President with the name of Hollande.

One of the main reasons why Hollande won was because the French National Debt rose by 500 Billion Euros during the last five years when Sarkozy was President !!!

Merkel, Barroso the President of the EU Commission, and others all hammer home the same message that "nothing is renegotiable" !!! 

Publicly President Hollande has not yet uttered a single word in anger !!!   Europe, however is right to think that Hollande might be a new, hard headed stumbling block in the EU !!! 

If all of this is true today, could similar problems not arise  next year if Merkel is not re-elected ?  Are all Germans really happy to foot the cost of supporting the EURO, and Greece and who knows what other insolvent countries ? 

Would Germans not prefer to have the "Deutsche Mark" as their currency ?  Already the Greeks now would prefer a "new Drachma" to avoid  more budget cuts being imposed by the "EUROZONE" !!! 

In view of the pending problems in Spain and Italy, two countries which are each much bigger than Greece, is it really true that nothing is renegotiable ?