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Wednesday, 28 January 2015


Everyone now anxiously awaits the conclusion of EUROZONE meetings to learn whether there will be a substantial write-off of the 245 Billion Euro loans to Greece.   This is what Greece needs to be able to reorganise itself and to put the economy back on a sound footing !  It is what everyone really expects ! 

What will happen if the EUROZONE refuses such a write-off ? Would other countries not also want debt write-downs ? That would become a dangerous precedent, now and in the future !  

Of course the EUROZONE must be positive and at least offer something to help Greece !  Would this not be to suspend all repayments for... 5 or 10 years with no interest being charged   on the debt for that period ? 

Would this not save the face of everyone in the EUROZONE ? It would avoid having to consider immediate changes to Treaties for this and other current, unconnected problems !

However Greece and Alexis Tsipras, the Prime Minister, would feel helpless with such a decision !  He would then lack the means to introduce all the measures he promised before being elected !  With all the oustanding debt, Banks would never be prepared to lend more to the Government !  

The only open option left for Tsipras, would be to leave the  EUROZONE, adopt the Drachma and make a hefty devaluation ! This must also include the devaluation of Euro liabilities !

After this he should have the means to reinvigorate Greece as he promised he would !  If he is even then, not allowed to achieve his promised objectives in the framework of the EU, Greeks will again start protests in the Streets and will want to become independent of the EU ! 

Greeks want to start living again ! 


Tuesday, 27 January 2015


The victory in the Greek General Election by the radical left SYRIZA party, led by Alexis Tsipras, has caused an earthquake of reactions.  Although the result confirmed all recent expectations the disarray of politicians in Germany, Brussels and Athens is astounding !  

First of all, the underlying facts ; 

Greece (population 11.3 million) has enormous loans of 245 billion Euros from the EUROZONE, the IMF and the European Central Bank which it cannot possibly repay.  Draconian  measures to reorganise Greece, were imposed by the EUROZONE when the loans were granted.  Yet 30% of the workers in Greece are at present unemployed !  Greek business in general has collapsed.  Tsipras declared that he would demand a massive reduction of the 245 billion Debts or Greece would leave the EUROZONE !  

What were the reactions ?  

All EUROZONE leaders this week, in particular Angela Merkel the German Chancellor, refuse to consider a partial write-off of the debt;  they certainly do not want to change EU treaties either, as  this would encourage other countries (Italy, Spain, France) to seek more favourable conditions in line with the Greek hopes !

Some of the problems which have now surfaced in fact date back to 1981 when Greece joined the EU and to 2001 when the EURO was introduced : the accounts presented then were not truthful but gullibly accepted by the EU ! 

Later loans were granted to help Greece but also to prevent it leaving the EUROZONE.   Greeks have suffered increasingly ever since and Tsipras won the election last week because he promised to reorganise Greece and restore Greek pride !  He was elected but wants less Greek debt to be able to fulfill his Election promises !

This week Eurozone Ministers are urgently discussing what can and cannot be done, but also weighing the conséquences.  It is like a game of poker; who will blink first ? 

Tsipras waits patiently.  He seems to have the upper hand !  If the EUROZONE, led by Merkel, refuses to write-off a substantial part of the Greek debt, he could withdraw Greece from the EURO, adopt the former Drachme and in this way obtain the finance he needs to reorganise life in Greece !

Other consequences for the EUROZONE would be probable attempts by other countries, France and Spain, to obtain more favourable operating conditions ! 

Previous articles in this Blog have already indicated what is expected of Jean-Claude Juncker, the President of the EU Commission, particularly in connection with Immigration and Migration.  

In good "American" a can of worms seems to be opening up and numerous other closely linked EU problems must also be dealt with.This means that some EU Treaties may have to be modified, i.e. updated and modernised !




"Attention,le rouge est une couleur qui déteint très fort"
met en garde le caricaturiste Daniel IRRMANN MARIN !

Monday, 26 January 2015


Can anyone understand what Putin really wants ?  He claims that a new truce is needed for the problems in Ukraine, yet at the same time is equipping Russian Rebels living there with armaments and soldiers !

Photographic evidence is available proving that Russian vehicules have crossed the border into Ukraine but Putin always denies this !  Why ? 

There are only two real reasons.  Firstly, Putin still dreams of annexing at least Eastern Ukraine, where the majority of the population is of ethnic Russian origin, in the same way as he grabbed Crimea.  Secondly, this would restore his waning image in the eyes of Russian citizens, at a time when Western Sanctions are really biting and provoking the collapse of the Rouble ! 

Putin must deflect attention from problems at home ! He has gagged the Press but people are feeling the effect of rising prices.  The real question now is, would he dare to risk a war with the West over Ukraine ?  

 As he has gagged the Press, the solution could be for the West to direct news bulletins from all directions into Russia via the internet to explain what is really going on.

Sparse food supplies, the crumbling Rouble, missing soldiers, are already sowing seeds of doubt about Putin.  News bulletins and the word of mouth could do the rest to topple him !



Sunday, 25 January 2015


The "Quantative Easing" (QE) system which Mario Draghi is using could become dangerous for the future of the EURO and for the EUROZONE !  His system envisages the mass printing  of Banknotes and the mass creation of Credit, which is step one of QE !  

Technically, in the Balance Sheet of the European Central Bank (ECB) the Banknotes and Credit Created will probably be booked in "current monetary assets" and as "unearned reserves" in a special Reserve account above the Current Liabilities and Provisions ! 

QE is not an unknown system !  It normally has the aim of smoothing temporary "shortages or surpluses" of money or credit over a forseeble, short period of time !   For many decades Bankers have used a similar system called "Over-night" contracts to balance their daily "exposure".  Interest is payable/receivable on such very short-term "arrangements" !

It seems that Mario Draghi wants to buy "short or medium term loans" from banks at a rate of 60 Billion Euros a month over 18 months.  The ultimate total amount could become "huge" !

The hope and intention is that the banks in turn will loan the money they receive, to Industry in their country, to "kick-start" the economy and reduce unemployment !  The profit for the ECB in doing this, is the interest income it receives on the loans until their maturity ! 

The danger lurking in the system for the EURO arises if Banks do not, or cannot, make the expected loans to Industry !  Everyone already knows that printing too much money, which then becomes "surplus to requirements", provokes inflation !

This is particularly true in the EUROZONE context because interest rates are purposely kept very low.  To protect their interests, Citizens now prefer to buy durable assets rather than invest money in Financial loans or Bank accounts which pay little or no interest. 

If inflation gets out of hand, Mario Draghi must reduce the amount of money in circulation.  This is, in fact, the second QE principle !  In addition interest rates may also need to be increased ! 

If nothing is done, it is certain that operators on Financial Markets will sell their surplus EUROS. The direct consequence of that would be the depreciation in value of the EURO and an increase of inflation in the EUROZONE, due to more expensive imports.

During a short period only, the volume of exports  would benefit from the lower cost of Euros;  this benefit would then be cancelled by wage increases to cover rising living costs ! 


Saturday, 24 January 2015


The deadline date for officially becoming a candidate to participate in the election to become the next FIFA President is next Thursday, January 29, 2015.

There are several conditions and rules which must be observed by all Candidates.  It is the Ethics Committee of FIFA which will check the integrity of all candidates and whether they have complied with the conditions.

There is also an ad hoc Electoral Committee of which Domenico Scala is Chairman.  It will supervise and verify the correctness of the Electoral Process. 

So far, so good !  The next real question is :  "What can be done to stop Sepp Blatter seeking re-election as President of FIFA in 2019 and 2023" ?  He has already been President for 16 years, but he wants to oversee the World Cup finals in Russia in 2018 and probably in Qatar in 2022,  especially in view of all the ongoing problems surrounding the nomination as Hosts of those two countries !

At present there are four or five candidates who would like to contest the Election on May 29, 2015 but it is not certain they can obtain the Backing of 5 of the 200+ Associate Members of FIFA.   Blatter however is confident of being re-elected at least for a fifth term of 4 years !  Can anyone stop a sixth term ? 

There seems to be only one possible and practical solution.  All candidates should swear during their pre-election meetings that they will change the FIFA Articles of Association to prevent any person again becoming President for more than TWO terms of 4 years ! 

If Blatter is re-elected he will not change the Articles of Association.  He needs FIFA, it is his Life and his Sinecure !  The only remaining practical option remaining would be for UEFA and other such Associations to withdraw from FIFA !  It would then no longer be a "World Force" !







Thursday, 22 January 2015



FRONTEX was created in 2004 with the aim of ensuring controls at all entry points into the EU.  It applies the fundamental principles of the 1985 Schengen Treaty, such as the right of free movement and asylum in all countries for citizens of Schengen area countries. 

The 1999 Treaty of Amsterdam was hastily pushed through and introduced more measures to help the fight against crime, but they may not be sufficient to fight conspiracies by international gangs of Islamic Terrorists.  Not only Immigrants must be controled but also EU Migrants. 

Frontex already has an "Information Echange System" called EUROSUR.  This information base could help but is its design adequate for the new current objectives, i.e. "tracking" International Terrorists ?  Other countries also have systems, like the USA.  

Are the systems which Frontex and some EU countries already have, capable of automatic information exchanges ? 

To fight terrorism efficient systems and laws are required !  This means legislators must introduce more cohesion which also means redefining certain sacred EU principles.  Courts and Judges  are there to apply only the law as it stands !  

Judges are not there to make creative interpretations of badly drafted laws, which then destroy the Human Rights of defendents ! 




The "Charlie Hebdo" massacre of 17 people in Paris, killed by Extremist Muslim Terrorists, provoked an immediate reaction by President Hollande.  He ordered Three Days of mourning and invited more than 40 Heads of State to join him in a march in Paris. 

The Prime Minister, Manuel Valls then made a moving speech in the National Assembly and declared that France was at war against Terrorism !  The MPs of all political parties were united and approved the fight against Terrorism. 

The Popularity Polls of both Hollande and Valls are now sky high !  From being the least popular President that France has ever had, François Hollande's popularity has shot up to 40%.  That of Manual Valls now stands at 61%. 

They have dominated, hogged, the limelight to the exclusion of all other politicians for the last two weeks.  In particular, this rankles  opposition party MPs, for whom the idea of a second term for President Hollande is a bad dream !

The terrorism has changed the landscape of politics in France but not the economic mess in which the country is at present, after the first half of Hollande's mandate as President.  Problems in Brussels will come to the fore shortly; France is not the only country facing budgetary difficulties for 2015 ! 

The EUROZONE must also consider certain monetary principles, which the Central European Bank is proposing. Together with the  results of the Greek election next week, upheavals everywhere in the can be expected this Spring !  

In politics, nothing is ever certain for too long !



Tuesday, 20 January 2015


A General Election will take place early May 2015 in the UK and speculation is already rife over which parties will be winners and losers !

The Socialist Government lead by Gordon Brown and Ed. Miliband were the big losers in 2010.  They lost but knew that the UK was impoverished after their 13 years in power and they were probably glad Cameron and the Tories had to clear up the mess they left !

Britain is now buoyant again, much more so than other countries in the EU !  Do the Socialists have convincing plans to protect the 41 Labour seats they won in Scotland in 2010 ?   Or will Scottish electors massively vote for more SNP (Scottish National Party) candidates to represent them in Westminster ?

At present SNP has 6 MPs, Labour 41, Lib. Dems. 11 and the Tories 1 !  That representation will probably change radically due to the recent referendum on Scottish Independence !  The SNP is now much better organised ! 

Added to this, the Labour Party led by Ed. Miliband, seems to be scratching around for "brilliant ideas" of what can be offered to electors to tempt them to vote Labour again !

All this does not mean Cameron and the Tories are certain to win the May election with an overall majority.  There could be a badly "hung" Parliament !  The formation of another Coalition Government on "reasonable terms" could also prove to be impossible.

Today, the next election is more than 3 months away.  Something unexpected could still change everything !



Monday, 19 January 2015


"Dans la France de Voltaire et de l'irrévérence, on peut se moquer de toutes les religions a déclaré, péremptoire, Madame Taubira, Garde des Sceaux, lors des obsèques d'un des dessinateurs de "Charly Hebdo".   
Quant au Pape François, il a déclaré dans l'avion qui le conduisait à Manille, "on ne peut pas provoquer, on ne peut pas insulter la foi des autres, on ne peut pas se moquer de la foi".
Au "pays du vivre ensemble", à chacun de se poser des limites...

S'agissant de la référence à Voltaire, Madame Taubira aurait dû, au préalable, relire les éditons non expurgées des textes qui gênent !  cf notre article "Voltaire l'antisémite" publié dans ce blog le 13 janvier dernier.

Ce matin même d'ailleurs, dans un entretien publié dans "le Figaro", le philosophe Remi Brague déclarait: "Voltaire est pour moi, outre l'un des plus enragés antisémites qui fut, celui qui a fait deux fois embastiller La Beaumelle, qui avait osé critiquer son Siècle de Louis XlV".



When "Charlie Hebdo" was attacked by extremist Islamic Terrorists for publishing cartoons which poked fun at Mahomet, France immediately defended the universal principle of the "freedom of expression" ! 

That was right !  It is a basic Human Right ! 

Poking fun at people with comments or in cartoons is accepted everywhere, but there is a legal limit in France.  The laws of Libel and Slander provide legal protection and compensation !

But is there not also a "moral limit" ?

There is now a growing feeling in France that "Charlie Hebdo" is abusing this moral limit !  Is it not now trying to ensure only its Financial Future with more cartoons and by printing millions of "souvenir" editions of its publication ?

It is absolutely true that the "cold blooded slaughter of 17 people by the extremist Islamic Terrorists" is totally inacceptable, but that is another problem !

"Charlie Hebdo" must lead the way and stop repeating these cartoons.  It is for others to combat Terrorism !



Saturday, 17 January 2015


Three significant events have recently staggered the EUROZONE;
1)  Terrorist attacks by Muslim Exremists.
2)  The unexpected ending of the fixed parity between  the Swiss Franc and the EURO !
3)  The possible exit of Greece from the EUROZONE.

Coupled with the general World Depression, which has provoked high levels of unemployment everywhere, even in the Eurozone, it is now urgent to decide what measures are required to prevent further damage.

More Terrorist Attacks can be expected in the coming months and EU countries (Germany, France, Belgium) are already preparing themselves, but stricter immigration and migration rules and controls are necessary.

Switzerland was obliged to stop supporting the Fixed Parity between the Swiss Franc and the EURO.   It had amassed a huge stockpile of foreign currencies as a consequence !  The Swiss Franc then revalued by about 20% against the EURO and other currencies.  This may prove to be a catastrophy, because Swiss exports will be more expensive to sell and Switzerland will be more expensive for visiting tourists ! 

The EUROZONE must now defend its EURO on Financial Markets against speculation.  It cannot be allowed to slide too much in value, particularly in the context of the Greek Elections which take place next Sunday, January 25, 2015.

The Greek opposition is favourite to win and its Leader, Alexis Tsipras has promised he will withdraw Greece from the EURO if Brussels does not accept a hefty write-down of the EU loans amounting to 240 Billion Euros !  He pleads that Greece does not have the means to repay and to recover economically at the same time ! What can the EUROZONE decide to do ?

EU and EUROZONE Treaties need revising ! That  becomes clearer as every day passes.  Jean-Claude Juncker and Angela Merkel must accept that, and must act !  

The dream of a United States of Europe is not only receding but impossible on the basis of current Treaty principles !


Thursday, 15 January 2015


In 1939, after Western Leaders, repeatedly, wanted to avoid a war, it was Churchill alone who first declared war when Hitler entered Poland.  

Now Valls and France alone, have declared war against Islamic Terrorism after the massacre in Paris last week ! 

Which other countries will join France by declaring war against Islamic Terrorism ?  When ?    

There are many major issues to be reviewed and some will affect the comfortable rules which have been adopted by the EU.   Not least among them is the "open door" attitude to Immigration and Migration !

War efforts are costly and in modern times international  action must be co-ordinated ! This presupposes that all countries have troops and that they will all consecrate a similar amount to the cost of territorial defense. 

This war is not just limited to Europe and the Middle East !   It is World War III !   Islamic Terrorists have already attacked the World Trade Center in New York and several countries in Africa ! 

Jean-Claude Juncker has announced that the War against Islam is on the agenda of the next meeting of the EU Council, but, will the United Nations also debate the War against Islamic Terrorists ?  

This should preferably be debated in the UN General Assembly, not the Security Council, to prevent Totalitarian States using their Veto in the event of a Vote !





Wednesday, 14 January 2015


Manuel Valls, the French Prime Minister addressed the National Assembly yesterday, in the wake of the terrorist attrocities in Paris.  He announced that France was at war against all forms of Muslim Extremism ! 

His rousing speech was that of the real Leader France has been waiting for, for a very long time !  It will be remembered in the annals of history ! 

The MPs of all parties in the Assembly loudly applauded and gave his Speech a rapturous, standing ovation, something that has not been seen in living memory !   Everyone then, automatically and in unison,  burst into singing the Marseillaise, the French National Anthem !

His speech was exactly what France wanted to hear !  He promised that by the end of this year France would have an anti-terrorist organisation which could protect the country and lead the fight against terrorism ! 

What he also stressed was that France cannot do everything alone : no country can !  There must be international co-operation in this Anti-Terrorism fight ! 


Tuesday, 13 January 2015


Apres les actes de barbarie commis contre Charlie hebdo et nos compatriotes juifs, certains ont cru bon d'invoquer le philosophe des lumières en proclamant "c'est Voltaire qu'on assassine"!
C'est oublier que Voltaire était profondément et odieusement  antisémite. La relecture de certains de ces ouvrages, "le dictionnaire philosophique" par exemple, article "juif" ou encore article "tolérance", non expurgés, sont de nature à nous glacer d'horreur (cf l'article de Roger-Pol Droit publié dans "le Point" du 2 aout 2012).

Ci-dessous un lien sur lequel je vous invite à cliquer...    



In France, but probably also in other countries, after the massacre of 17 people in Paris last week, journalists and politicians, everyone in fact, has ideas of the solutions required to prevent a repetition of such atrocities !

A closer analysis of what is really needed in France reveals that small but wide ranging changes, are required in a cross section of Government departments.

The very idea of having to accept such small changes,  generally creates instant "opposition" !   Ministers, jealously, want to protect their current hierarchical powers !

For example, if one admits that ultimately an Anti-Terrorist Minister (A-T M) at Ministerial level, must or will probably be appointed, he cannot work alone and would need the help of other departments when exceptional circumstances arise !    

When suddenly, action is necessary, he will certainly need the help of the Police or Soldiers who have already  been specially trained beforehand for crisis situations not connected with Terrorism !

However, it is the A-T M who will know best what he really needs to function and to attain his "defined objectives" !  He must also guide politicians when  legislation is drafted covering his area of responsibility !       

He will also need to consult the Minister of Foreign Affairs, or Ambassadors and foreign A-T Ms like himself ! 

He must therefore be a proven and confident self-starter,  who can Co-ordinate the efforts of everyone around him, even when there is not a crisis !

Monday, 12 January 2015


Ce lundi matin, 12 janvier, Nicolas Sarkozy sur RTL, s'exprimait après la grande marche nationale contre la barbarie et suggérait quelques pistes pour lutter contre le terrorisme.

On aurait bien souhaité savoir quelles mesures il regrettait de ne pas avoir prises alors qu'il était lui-même ministre de l'Intérieur de Mai 2002 à mars 2004, puis de 2005 à 2007, avant de devenir Président de la République de 2007 à 2012. Des mesures qui auraient peut être permis de contenir les dérives sanguinaires de ces extrémistes qui à l'époque avaient moins de 20 ans !




After the massacre of 17 innocent people, by Islamic Terrorists in the name of "Allah", every right thinking person in France was stunned !

However, President Hollande decreed three days of mourning and a "March of Defiance" was organised.  He  invited Foreign Leaders to join him in Paris, to show their indignation over these attrocities ! 

This idea of the March in Paris was that it should also  take place in other towns in France.  At least 40 Foreign Statesmen accepted the invitation to Paris and marched a few hundred meters, arm-in-arm, from "Place de la Republique" towards "Place de la Nation" in Paris ! 

Afterwards, President Hollande visited a Jewish Synagogue, where the deaths of four Jews in the Hyper Cacher store, were being mourned.      

It is estimated that 3.7 million people throughout France participated in marches.  Additionally, countless  millions were closely watching events on Television ! 

To organise this, was a master stoke by President Hollande !  After the "march", people even stayed in the Streets, talking to complete strangers and  expressing their personal feelings over the horrifying series of events. 

There is once again a feeling of security in France, a renewed spirit of "Brotherhood", which has been missing in recent years !  Now politicians in France are really expected to act !

In fact, politicians everywhere must seize this unique opportunity to build a professional, internationally co-ordinated anti-terrorist organisation !   All the electors, everywhere, expect this now !


Sunday, 11 January 2015


Vendredi 9 janvier 2015, à Paris, 4 personnes ont été exécutées par l'islamiste Coulibaly dans la supérette Hyper Cacher parce qu'elles étaient juives.  Des assassinats qui s'ajoutent à ceux perpétrés à Toulouse par Merah et à Bruxelles par Nemmouche...

"Ce que l'on vient de connaître est le produit de trente années de non-gestion de l'immigration venue d'Afrique du Nord" a déclaré Roger Cukierman, président du Conseil représentatif des institutions juives de France, dans un entretien publié par "Le Parisien" du 11 janvier.

Le Président du Crif ajoute : "ce que l'on paie aujourd'hui est le fruit de l'échec total de l'école de la République où les professeurs n'osent plus enseigner la Shoah.  L'échec aussi du système pénitentiaire où l'enseignement de la charia est devenue une activité banale".

C'est également ce qu'écrit Eric Zemmour dans son ouvrage "Le suicide français".



On this day of mourning, with so many international personalities in the Paris march, the obvious question on the minds of everyone is:

"Who is financing the activities of Extreme Muslim Terrorists ?"

Someone must know something !  It is not plausible that, such an important implantation of idealistic Terrorist Cells all over the world which work for the Islamic State (ISIS), have been established without a constant flow of money and, that no one has any idea who is sponsoring these operations !

ISIS in the Middle East does get limited revenues from Petrol but this alone does not explain how it manages to acquire Military Equipment and Armaments.  Does ISIS really pay for them ?  

The countries which benignly encourage atrocities must be identified and severely sanctioned !  The fight against Terrorism can no longer be only a "religious fight of words" with feather dusters !  It must become "a total world-wide war" !

As soon as the efforts of all the countries are properly  co-ordinated it will quickly become evident who is dragging his feet and what must be done !   


Saturday, 10 January 2015


International leaders are converging on Paris to pay their respects and to participate in the silent national march tomorrow, Sunday.  This marks the end  of the bloody sieges during which 17 innocent people lost their lives at the hands of terrorists !

It must be hoped that, when everyone meets informally and discusses these tragic events, they will all agree that a round table discussion must soon take place  to ensure better international co-ordination to track and to fight-off further terrorist attacks !

Our last article published yesterday (1), comments on the radio and TV, as well as in Press Reports today, all question the international efficiency of the fight against Terrorism ! 

Leaders are already leaning in this direction, in particular Donald Tusk, the current President of the European Council who has earmarked the EU summit on February 12, 2015 to debate this subject. 

This is, however, more than just an EU problem;  it concerns other Continents as well !   In the end it is the specialists on security rather than the National Leaders who need to meet and who then must report back to their Leaders !  

Improvements are possible and one should act now while the iron is still hot !

(1) "Charlie Hebdo" terrorists shot dead by police.


Friday, 9 January 2015


The day of continuous TV coverage ended when the French police managed to kill three Terrorists and thus  saved the lives of most of the hostages. 

What has become very evident is that Politicians must now decide what needs to be done, to better protect their citizens from unexpected attacks by Muslim Extremists. They clearly have declared war on everyone with the final aim of conquering the World ! 

To protect themselves all Western countries, not just France, must be better organised.  Should each country not have an Anti-Terrorist Co-ordinator who can work on an international basis, sharing and exchanging information with other Co-ordinators ? 

On a National level, such a Co-ordinator should organise the local efforts; for example, ensure that the control of tourists or immigrants, is adequate.  He should also have Flying Squads of specially trained officers in key areas of the country which he can mobililise when necessary.  This person would be a key member of the Government.

Terrorists take their time and plan their acts of atrocity.   Countries must therefore also be ready and prepared when an alert arises. 

The current impression is that the efforts of all countries are not totally concerted and exploited to ensure the maximum benefit for everyone ! 



France mourns the Islamic Terrorist  assassination of 12 people, including 4 journalists, in the offices of "Charlie Hebdo", a satirical weekly paper.  This was a revenge attack for cartoons it had published depicting Mohammed...

President Hollande has decreed three days of mourning which culminates on Sunday (1/11/2015) with a procession in Paris and to which all the leading political personalities have been invited, with the exception of Marine Le Pen, President of the National Front, who was told that she was not welcomed !

However, this is in spite of the fact that the NF has obtained a growing share of votes at all elections for more than 10 years and now represents 22 to 25% of the electorate !  This clearly worries the Centre Left and Centre Right parties which have governed France for the last 56 years, since De Gaulle created the 5th Republic in 1958 !

The NF therefore could hold the keys to the "balance of power" during the coming elections in 2017 !  Both parties will probably again jointly and fiercely fight off any challenge by the NF, as in recent elections. 

At this time of mourning it is sad that this ugly face of politics has reared its head in this way !  At least 25% of the Electorate will not forget this in 2017 !  

Such small-mindedness is regrettable and an affront to general feelings in France, particularly at this sad time ! 



Thursday, 8 January 2015


A policewoman was shot dead in the Montreuil suburb near Paris this morning !   This has inflamed feelings again after the Terrorist attack on the "Charlie Hebdo" newspaper which was widely reported yesterday !

After the enormous emotional shock, it is now urgent for Government Authorities to strengthen its means to counter and deter terrorism and also to increase the severity of punishments.

France is now at war against terrorism on its soil and all the appropriate measures must be introduced rapidly. 

Recently, following the atrocious killing of 141 people, including 132 children in a school in Peshawar, by a Taliban Commando, Pakistan has re-introduced the Death Penalty for Terrorists who kill !   This is exactly what Marine Le Pen, the President of the National Front has suggested today... 



France has been stunned by the massacre of journalists at a meeting in the offices of the satyrical newspaper "Charlie Hebdo" ! 

Today France is mourning. 

Tomorrow a new era will begin, not only in France,  but in many other countries as well ! 

On an international basis, the precious principles of "FREEDOM" will be defended more vigorously, to protect innocent citizens.  To deter gangs and criminals, detection and punishment will be reinforced.


Wednesday, 7 January 2015


This morning, in the center of Paris at 11am, two Islamic terrorists burst into the offices of a satirical newspaper (Charlie Hebdo).  Armed with a Kalatchnikov rifle and a shotgun, they then, in the name of Allah, sprayed a round of bullets at the meeting in the Newspaper offices and killed at least 12 people and gravely injured others ! 

This attack has plunged everyone in France into a state of shock, which some compare with the 9/11 tragedy in New York.  In France, the 7th of January will also become a date to be remembered ! 

President Hollande has decreed that tomorrow will be a Day of National Mourning.



Suddenly, on Friday 26 December, 2014, the day after Xmas, Putin cancelled the 14 day Holiday of Russian MPs without any real justification except to say that the rising cost of Voka was driving people to buy "bootleg" alcohol ! 

Since then there has been no real news to indicate what was going on in the Kremlin.  There has been a complete news blackout.  Even speculation has been sparse ! 

The reality is that the problems Putin and Russia are facing have all climaxed recently !  Briefly resumed they are as follows;
   1)  Putin obliged Yanukovytch, the Russian President of Ukraine, not to seek membership of the EU; this led to violent demonstrations, Yanukovytch fled and after new democratic elections, the new President, Poroshenko, replaced him. 
   2)  Putin grabbed Crimea from Ukraine and then supported Russian ethnic Rebels in Ukraine with armaments and soldiers !  This triggered Sanctions by Western Countries !
   3)  Sanctions are now "biting" hard.  At the same time the prices of Gas and Petrol have plunged on the open markets and Russian exports are falling. As a result, the Rouble has collapsed and could be completely devalued within the next three months !
   4)  Russian citizens have become anxious over the ever increasing prices and want Putin to stop interfering in Ukraine.  His reputation and leadership are now openly questioned inside Russia ! 

To save his skin, Putin must make changes in Russia ! Does the lack of any leaks of information mean he has already started by completely gagging the Press ?

Will Putin stop interfering in Ukraine ?  This could lead to the lifting of Western Sanctions in due course !  President Hollande said: "I am convinced Putin will not annexe Eastern Ukraine because  this is what he told me  when we met" !   But did Putin also say that he would stop sending soldiers and armaments and food to the Russian Rebels there ?   Perhaps not ! 

What is certain is that all attempts at dissention in Russia will now be quickly crushed by the Police and the Army.  Putin has first-hand experience of disturbances when the Rouble was devalued in 1998 due to Yeltsin's policies. 

Yeltsin resigned and gave the reigns of power to Putin !    Will Putin, before spending all of Russia's     reserves, really be able to prevent the collapse of the Rouble ?  This is doubtful !  Added to this Putin, alas, cannot alone control the sinking price of Gas and Petrol which at present is due to overproduction by many desperate countries which need the revenues !

Putin's day of reckoning seems to be approaching !




Tuesday, 6 January 2015


Les 940 voitures brûlées pendant la nuit du Nouvel An ont inspiré à Daniel Irrmann-Marin cette lettre ouverte au Ministre de l'Intérieur, Monsieur Bernard Cazeneuve, que nous publions ci-dessous:

" Monsieur le Ministre de l'Intérieur,

En ce début d’année, la presse énumère complaisamment « ce qui va augmenter » c’est une tradition :
Le gaz, le train, le prix du timbre, la redevance audiovisuelle, le gazole, la CSG pour les retraités et les impôts pour les classes moyennes…
Je m’arrête là pour ne pas trop entamer le moral de ceux qui vont lire cette lettre.
Heureusement il y a une bonne nouvelle : «  Il n’y a eu QUE 940 voitures brûlées pendant la nuit du Nouvel An !!! » Et, très fièrement, le service communication de votre ministère précise : « Soit une baisse de 12% par rapport à 2013. C’est une baisse très sensible. »
Au cours des « événements » de 1968, quelques voitures avaient été brûlées rue Gay-Lussac. La presse en avait fait ses gros titres.« On n’avait jamais vu ça ». Aujourd’hui, le phénomène est devenu si banal que l’information est reléguée en pages intérieures.
Monsieur le Ministre, en 2010, un de vos prédécesseurs avait décidé de ne plus publier les chiffres des voitures brûlées. Vous avez décidé de les publier à nouveau, « Au nom de la transparence ».(sic).
Bravo ! c’ est un geste citoyen qui vous honore. Vous avez voulu ainsi, redonner de la fierté aux jeunes des quartiers qui se livrent à ce rituel, les aider à maintenir cet esprit de compétition qui permet de s’élever au dessus de soi-même. Chaque bande veut faire mieux que celle d’en face. C’est humain. Le match est permanent. Or, à quoi bon se donner tant de mal si les résultats ne sont pas connus. Imagine-t-on qu’un match OM – PSG ait lieu à huis clos au Stade Vélodrome et que l’on ne sache jamais qui a été vainqueur et combien de buts ont été marqués. Joueurs démotivés, supporters frustrés.
Vous annoncez une baisse de 12%. Fort bien, réjouissons-nous. Parions que cette baisse va interpeller les champions du barbecue urbain et qu’ils vont avoir à cœur de rattraper ce retard.
Ils savent aussi qu’un seul cas sur cinq est élucidé et les « petits garnements » qui seront pris sur le fait, en train de jouer avec des allumettes savent que Madame la Garde des Sceaux leur adressera une simple « admonestation bienveillante ».
Vive la transparence Monsieur le Ministre et Bonne Année !


Monday, 5 January 2015


The EU has adopted a Directive, applicable as from 1/1/2015, which limits the annual bonuses for Bankers.  EU countries must introduce the effect of this Directive into their national laws. 

Was this Directive really necessary ?  Will those poor Bankers, who do not at present get enormous bonuses,   not now start thinking that they are underpaid ?

Should bonuses not simply be limited to, for example, 20% of the annual salary earned, not only for Bankers but all other employees as well ? 

Banks are already well placed and certainly have hidden "slush funds" to top-up  bonuses or to do whatever else they might want to do !  

Instead of the EU, should it not be the shareholders of the Banks and Companies, who should ultimately decide or approve the payment of exceptional bonuses ?

Finally, to put things into perspective,  and excluding the very poorest countries in the EU, the total minimum salary for one year's work in the EU varies between 15168 and  22488 euros.  

Some bonuses in recent times for Bankers have been  grotesque in comparison !


Sunday, 4 January 2015


There is speculation in the EUROZONE about what Angela Merkel can do to avoid writing off the 240 billion Euros Loan that Greece obtained and now cannot repay !

The Opposition Leader, 40 year old Alexis Tsipras has already made it clear that he expects a substantial write down of the Debt to enable Greece to recover financially !   His alternative is to withdraw from the EUROZONE, renounce the EURO LOAN and also renounce partially other National debts ! 

Voters seem to favour the latter solution to put Greece back on a profitable basis.  Merkel can only pray that Tsipras' SYRIZA party does not get a working majority.

As our article (1) last Monday stated, this will probably lead to a revision of EUROZONE principles.  This same problem could repeat itself in future simply because the 19 countries in the Zone are so varied.  

Already it is known that France, Italy and Spain are  facing difficulties.  More loans, the last solution for Greece, do not always help !

The World around us is constantly changing.  When the basic EU principles were adopted 20 or 30 years ago, hastily sometimes, they were acceptable.  Now,  these old principles all need to be "confirmed", and new missing principles added !

This is the hurdle which Angela Merkel, Juncker and other leaders must undertake, to make the EU become what it should be !

(1) Read the article entitled: "Euro Crisis as Left Force Election". 


Saturday, 3 January 2015


Ships often leave ports at the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea, full of hopeful emigrants.  To the astonishment of everyone, the ships are later found  drifting towards Greek or Italian ports without a skipper or captain and without any of the members of the original crew ! 

From reports it would seem no one knows anything about these boats, where and when they left their Port, who was legally aboard or what cargo the boat was carrying !  Port authorities know nothing, not even when hundreds of people in their port have suddenly  vanished !     

If the boat had been a Russian destroyer, or a submarine furtively moving in the open sea, satellites would have furnished precious information !  Spies in ports would have transmitted details to their contacts or even to local Embassies ! 

It is only afterwards, when survivors are questioned that details are reported and published in the Press ! That is obviously much too late !

FRONTEX is the official organisation which the EU created to control illegal immigration !  Does FRONTEX not have any "Spies or Informers" in ports around the Eastern Mediterranean who could forewarn them of what was going on before it is too late to act ?   Does Frontex not seek to apprehend the "mafia" members who exploit and rob these miserable people ?  

Do EU embassies never alert anyone on a timely basis ? 

Finally, has the United Nations ever intervened when Human Rights are not respected ?  Has it ever debated  the exploitation of would be immigrants ?  

Who is responsible for prosecuting these "human  traffickers" ?   Perhaps Jean-Claude Juncker, the President of the EU Commission, could answer some of these questions !       


Friday, 2 January 2015


Iceland, the smallest country in the EU with a population of only 325 000 inhabitants, at the invitation of FRONTEX, has sent a Ship into the Mediterranean Sea to patrol and protect EU borders against Illegal Immigrants ! 

As the population of the entire EU is more than 500 million, one could say that there should be more than 1500 ships patrolling the coasts of the EU !  FRONTEX however has more than just the coasts of the EU to protect, in spite of the limited budget at its disposal !

This leads us directly to the following question: 

"What are the objectives of the EU Commission and Jean-Claude Juncker its President, concerning the control of illegal immigration into the EU ?"

Can Juncker (and Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany) ignore the results of the recent EU elections which clearly revealed that voters wanted immigration into the EU to be controled and selectively limited ?  

This last week has again seen the arrival of 2 enormous   boats without a crew but with hundreds of "desperate and miserable would-be immigrants" hoping to set foot in Italy ! 

FRONTEX does what it can but it is the Leaders in the EU Council that are divided and finally do nothing ! They neither close the doors of the EU nor seek-out and punish the gangsters who fleece desperate immigrants by selling them tickets and then disappear !

President Juncker's reign could be short if he refuses to take into account the wishes of MEPs and their electorate who want less Immigration into the EU !