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Sunday, 15 November 2015


Less than 24 hours after Russia was banned from athletics by the IAAF vote, based on the WADA Report into Drug Abuse by Russian athletes, the President of the Olympic Committee, Thomas Bach was trying to ensure Russia would be able to participate in the 2016 Olympics in Brazil next summer.

What is Mr Bach's problem ?  Is it the Financial loss of revenues to the Olympic Games Movement which could result, if Russia or any other country could not participate ?  

All Countries and their Competitors could compete if their athletes at the Olympics Games, about two hours before their competition, pass an obligatory drug test which proves that they are clean !  

It is for you, Mr Bach, as the Organiser of the Olympics,  to ensure such tests are made and promptly checked.  This rule should apply to Russia as well as any other country.   WADA should oversee all these tests.

The aim is to clean-up Sport by eliminating Drug Usage.  No one wins anything by gleefully punishing a few, past, offenders.  The new aim can only be to record new World and National records with the help of obligatory testing, to efface old dubious records !

Is that not an Olympic dream ?