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Saturday, 7 November 2015


Recent international developements have highlighted the inability of EU Leaders to take action on a timely basis when urgent problems arise.

The two prime examples have been :

   -  The invitation extended by Angela Merkel to 800 000  refugees to migrate to Germany : she wanted to solve two problems at the same time, the plight of refugees and the lack of manpower available for German industries.
   -  The intervention of Russian troops in the Middle East War against the Islamic State, which will result in even more Migrants trying to enter the EU.

Today is not the first time that this Blog suggests that the EU must be reformed to survive, but also to enable it to achieve the aims for which it was created after the second World War.

Since then the EURO has been adopted as the common currency of 19 EU countries.  Leadership is needed to control and protect this new World Currency.  The EUROZONE has the obligation to ensure member countries do not imperil the health of the EURO.  However, decisions to protect the EURO should not be to the detriment of EU countries not in the Eurozone.

To ensure this, should the EUROZONE not be recognised as a seperate entity within the EU ?  

However, in certain cases should non-EURO countries not have a "golden vote" to  invalidate detrimental EUROZONE legislation ? The reciproque should also mean a "golden vote" for the Eurozone for detrimental EU legislation.

Everyone knows that with its large majority of countries, the Eurozone "Block Vote" could dictate and dominate everything in the EU.  This must be avoided.  All countries should have the right to a free vote of conscience ! 

For the EU to survive, it must be fit and capable to compete in an ever changing World.  The Modern World of today will be different in the not too long future !