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Thursday, 12 November 2015


Not a day goes by without more breaking news on past corruption in FIFA.  How can anyone be sure that corruption will stop after the next Election of the FIFA President scheduled for February 26, 2016 ?

Blatter's "pyramid of cronies" is slowly crumbling, but not quickly enough.   Corruption in FIFA goes back more than 20 years, before even Blatter's first election as President in 1998 when he unexpectedly beat the favourite, Lennart Johanssen.  Blatter has been re-elected four times since then.

It is almost certain that more revelations will surface as investigations continue.  This will take time ! Should the current interim managers of FIFA not bar any candidate for the FIFA Presidency who has previously served as a Member of the Executive of FIFA ?   It should be noted that today the candidature of Platini has not been retained...        

Must the new objective not now be to create a totally "New FIFA" ?  "Out with the OLD", in with the "NEW Faces of FIFA" ?