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Thursday, 5 November 2015


There are two Elections on the horizon which all French politicians have constantly on their minds : 

    -  Regional Council Elections on December 6 and 13, 2015.
    -  Presidential Elections in May 2017, after the end of the first term as President of François Hollande. 

To put it mildly and quite simply, the first 44 months Hollande's 60 month Mandate as President of France, have not been a roaring success !  Far from it ! 

In recent Opinion Polls the Socialist Party has regularly found itself in third place well behind the National Front (FN), led by Marine Le Pen and the newly renamed party  "The Republicans" led by Nicolas Sarkozy.   

Socialists are worried that the Party will not win a majority in most of the 13 Regional Councils. 

Other measures introduced by Hollande to favour low income earners have been favourably accepted, but cutting Central subventions to Regional and Local Councils has resulted in higher Local Council Taxes !

Many long time Socialist Voters have defected the Party and seem to be favouring the National Front !  The fact that the FN is firmly against accepting more Middle East immigrants into France, just at a time when France has very high unemployment levels, adds to the problems that Hollande and the Socialists face today. 

To prevent FN from wining too many seats in the Regional Council Elections next month, could there be a desperate but unholy alliance between Socialists and the Republicans ?

Yet in spite of all the set-backs President Hollande already  seems to be campaigning for a second term as President of France in May 2017 !   One sees him everywhere !