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Tuesday, 17 November 2015


After the attacks by Islamic Terrorists last Friday, President Hollande declared a State of Emergency.   Yesterday, in accordance with the French Constitution, President Hollande  addressed all the Members of Parliament and the Members of the Senate, assembled in the Palais of Versailles.

In a competent speech lasting more than half an hour, he declared that after the atrocities in Paris last Friday, France was at War against the Islamic State. He requested a time extention of the State of Emergency to three months and modifications to the Constitution "to act against warlike terrorism".  French citizens in general have welcomed the urgent measures outlined by President Hollande.

Everyone now hopes that rapid decisions and the rapid action necessary will follow quickly.  But there is a feeling that a lot of time has been wasted since the attack on "Charley Hebdo" by IS Terrorists in January this year ! 

Above all, the Public does not want all these niceties to become a "political football" !  This is not the time for French politicians to prevent action or to try to embarrass President Hollande before the Presidential Elections in May 2017.   That would be self defeating !

France is not alone.  Potential Allies have already expressed their sympathy and are ready to help France against the barbarious Islamic State.  But they now await and expect Leadership and urgent decisions from France.