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Wednesday, 18 November 2015


The "State of Emergency" announced by President Hollande during the week-end, was the signal that Police needed to  launch concerted attacks  against known suspects. 

Early this morning they raided flat where terrorists were hiding in the Saint Denis district, just north of Paris, only 800 metres from the Stade de France football stadium. This is where  Kamikase Terrorists first struck last Friday evening, while President Hollande was there, watching the friendly football match between France and Germany. 

This morning seven suspects were arrested and two people were killed, including a woman Kamikase.  The identification of all these people is being verified.

It had already been established that Terrorists in the Cell which was responsible for the atrocities last Friday evening, lived in Molenbeek, a suburb of Brussels in Belgium.  This is again proof that I S terrorists are and can be widely present all over the EU, not just in one or two countries !

The EU Leaders must now realise that concerted action is required.  Every country must be vigilent and actively help to protect the EU against IS Terrorists !