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Saturday, 7 November 2015


As anticipated in previous articles in this Blog, Angela Merkel the Leader of the Chritian Democrats (CDU) has at last been obliged to bow to the wishes of her junior Coalition Partners (the Social Democrats) to impose stricter immigration conditions on Migrants wishing to settle in Germany.

Her "open arms" welcome to 800 000 refugees in September 2015 to go to Germany provoked a massive invasion of Migrants not only to Germany, but to the whole of the EU .   In spite of this, Merkel has still  stubbornly refused, even to consider, an alteration of the wording of EU Treaties, to permit a limitation of the sacred fundamental principle of the "Freedom of Movement of People" within the EU .  

This is the wish of numerous other countries in the EU !  Several countries, particularly in the Balkans, have already built "Fortress style Fences" around their countries to prevent an invasion of Migrants.  There are EU countries which are not  economically able to cover the cost of a Migrant invasion. 

Under her guidance, Merkel has worked wonders in Germany since the Berlin Wall was breached in 1989.  Now she must also realise that not only Germany but the EU also needs help survive the Immigration Crisis !   

The War in the Middle East is escalating. Russia and Putin want revenge for the plane Islamic State terrorists exploded and which killed 220 innocent Russian tourists !  

A Russian "scorched earth" Policy can be expected and many more refugees will flee their homes just to save their lives, not only to avoid death at the hands of IS but from Russian bombs !