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Saturday, 14 November 2015


A State of Emergency has been decreed after the Islamic State (I S) attacks in Paris last night.

At least 128 people have lost their lives and up to 237 were injured, of which 99 very seriously.  Many of them were in a theatre attending a rock concert in the 11 th district of Paris.

This morning in Paris, anxiety and stupor could be seen on the faces of everyone.   As the importance of what had happened sunk in, markets, large Department Stores all over Paris started closing, as well as Museums, the Eiffel Tower and the Chateau of Versailles.  

Everyone now awaits what this State of Emergency will change, not only in Paris and France but in the Western World, particularly the EU !

The  Islamic State is not only at war in the Middle East, but also in most EU countries, where their agents already nurture and train cells of potential terrorists to fight, even against their own neighbours.  France has feared further attacks like these since the "Charlie Hebdo" attack in January this year.

France will act and quite rightly expects other countries to participate actively in the common fight against Extreme I S terrorists. 

The EU Council of Leaders must be urgently convened and  Chancellor Merkel will be expected to be less dogmatic in her approach to the changes required to defend the EU Family of Nations from unwanted Migrants.  ALL doors of entry must be firmly shut and protected.

To leave any doors open is tantamount to inviting more trouble !