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Tuesday, 10 November 2015


A Report published yesterday by the IAAF (International Amateur Athletics Federation) critcises the widespread usage of "dope" to enhance the performances by male and female competitors.

This is not really surprising.  Certain sports, cycling and athletics to name just two, have been known to be riddled by the illegal use of drugs for many years.  Increased controls have caught only few abusers who like Armstrong, were in fact punished with lifetime suspensions whereas Tom Simpson was over-doped and died during the Tour de France Cycling race in 1967.

Many years ago all sportsmen were theoretically "amateurs" and not paid for competing !  Now all top sportspeople are paid, but some have used "dope" to enhance their performances. Likewise it is also illegal for sportsmen to place bets on competitions in which they are competing, but... !

When "doped" competitors are caught, their trainers and dope suppliers must also be punished with bans or imprisonment !  

It is not easy to ensure all competing sportsmen are "clean" and not cheating, without doping tests on everyone in all competitions !   Furthermore, more unannouced and unexpected tests must be made between competitions, but this is not permitted in certain countries.  

Now reports point the finger directly at Russian  competitors for using "dope" to break world records to the detriment of other "clean" competitors.   President Putin who proudly presents himslf as an example of a clean living Leader, must now feel totally ashamed.   He cannot plead that he was unaware that Russian sports competitors used "dope".  Russian Sport is financed by the State (for the glory of Russia).  

Alas, the same observation is true for ALL Political Leaders who finance Sport, and who then bathe in the reflected Glory of their "doped" winners ! 

There is now only one place where you can be sure of finding "clean", untainted, natural athletes !    It is in Kindergartens ! 

Cleaning-up Sport will take an eternity !