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Monday, 9 November 2015


There is a report in The Times of London today, that laments the growing increase of the cost of Pensions for retired EU civil servants and MEPs.  European auditors highlighted this problem last year.

Are these independent auditors or internal auditors from the staff the EU Commission ?   It would be interesting to be able to read the whole of this report, or of any other Internal Audit Reports of the EU.   Too little information is available on the Web !

Good house-keeping principles have been imposed on Greece by the Eurozone, in order to avoid future Greek requests for more bail-out loans and which can also endanger the EURO.  This is a splendid example of control at a high level.

Have these same principles also been audited in connection with MEPs expenses reimbursed by Brussels for living costs, travel costs and for secretaries.   There have frequently been  doubts whether claims for these expenses are properly justfied with correct documentation !   These claims seem to be more like "perks" for MEPs.

If National Parliaments had to reimburse, directly, the  expense claims of its MEPs, proper documentation would be absolutely necessary.   After all, that is what the local taxpayer would expect !