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Wednesday, 11 November 2015


The IOC (Internation Olympic Committee) apparantly wants WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) to start disciplinary procedings against athletes accused of doping offences.

Why ?  Is this the right point at which to start correcting all that is lacking, lax and wrong ?  

Does Sport not need to improve procedures for a more rigorous control of cheating competitors who use  "doped products"  (Officially listed as unaccepted products) at all levels of Sport and in all sporting disciplines ?

Should any new Worldwide procedure not take into account the fact that present World records and National records are "tainted", because competitors were not controled on the day of the race and then declared to be "clean" to compete ?  

One cannot accept tainted records and it is not possible to invalidate past records because of suspicion alone.   Likewise, to want to exclude Russia, as has been suggested, or any other country, is not the ideal solution !  

New World and new National records must now be properly recorded but after a date to be decided.  This can only be when new  procedures have been agreed and all competitors are made to submit themselves to all tests.  If a new record is established, a test within an hour after the event  must also become obligatory to permit its official validation as a new record ! 

Most top sportsmen are now handsomely paid or rewarded for what they do.  They must accept the new rules of their sports. 

Who should be made responsible for ensuring the "anti-doping tests" are correctly made ?  In principle this must be the Organisers of International events or major National events..  They are the initiators.     WADA (World Anti - Doping Agency)  must be alerted and consulted.   

Who should prosecute "cheats" discovered too late ?  WADA must decide how to tackle this.  If random unanounced testing between events is adopted in the new worldwide rules, an immediate life suspension should be made possible.  This would mean "the suspected cheat" would be obliged to appeal !