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Wednesday, 11 January 2012


Alex Salmond, Leader of the Scottish National Party, wants a vote for Scottish Independence !!!  If he wants to convince anyone else except his close friends, he must clearly explain how he sees Scottish Independence after a Scottish Independence vote.

What kind of Independence does he aspire to ?  Does he want to create, for example, the Republic of Scotland ?  Does he want to obtain Total Independence from everything connected with the rest of the UK and/or the EU ? 

Alex Salmond must be clear in all his speeches of what his real objective is.  Every decision has a cost !!!  The costs must be calculated and presented to the Scottish electorate. (This presupposes that non Scottish voters have been identified and will not have a vote).

There are some major Questions which need a speedy answer:

1) Who will be the Head of State of Independent Scotland ?
    - The Queen ?  Alex Salmond ?  Gordon Brown ?   

2) Will Independent Scotland have a "House of Lords" ?

3) Besides income from North Sea Oil and a tax on Whiskey, what else will cover the costs of Independence ?   

Alex Salmond has a lot to explain, but can one be sure that he will convince the whole big wide World outside of Scotland ?